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What Does Where you Live Say About Your driving?

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Everyone likes to believe they are a good driver, but in reality, very few people can with all honesty say they are. From speeding to driving under the influence, driving convictions are growing by the year and it’s easy to see which UK regions are guilty of having the most driving offences, check for your regions statistics on Compare the Market.

Drink Driving

This is one of the top 5 driving convictions committed, but which regions are most guilty? Lancaster has the highest percentage for drink driving-related convictions in England, with a percentage of 0.46%. Cornwall and Cheshire are not far behind with 0.39% of drivers having been convicted of this offence.

Driving under the influence of alcohol requires offenders to have consumed enough alcohol to cause a blood alcohol concentration above 0.03% and in some cases, you can be convicted for anything more than 0.0%.

Blood alcohol level is dependent on each individual. Height, weight, food intake and gender can all determine how your body deals with alcohol.

If you are caught behind the wheel with alcohol in your system but are a first time offender, you could face 3 months in prison, a fine of up to £2,500 and possibly a driving ban.

Mobile Phone Use While Driving

The boom of hands-free technology has made the need to use your phone while driving absolute, but it is still one of the most common offences committed by drivers. In Fife, 0.33% of drivers have been convicted of using their phone and Essex isn’t much better, with 0.31%.

Using a mobile phone is illegal when driving or supervising a learner in a vehicle. Incoming calls and sat nav can be done through hands-free and if in a holder, it must not have any obstruction to view. Hands-Free devices should be set up before you start driving, when the engine is off, to prevent distractions. When stopped in traffic or at a red light, you are still not permitted to use your phone as your vehicle is still on.

If you are caught doing so, you will face £200 fine and 6-points on your driving licence, which can lead to first-time drivers (in first two years) to lose their licence and learners to be banned from driving.

If you are caught for this offence twice within three years, no matter how long you have been driving, you will have your license taken.

A handheld phone is only permitted to be used while behind the wheel is when contacting emergency services and there is no safe place to pull over or stop.

Driving Without a license

Derbyshire holds the top spot for this conviction, with 0.16% of driving convictions in the region are due to driving without a licence. County Derby and Essex closely follow with 0.14%.

If you are caught driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s licence you can be punished with…

  • A fine of up to £1000
  • 3-6 penalty points added when you do achieve your license
  • Banned from driving for a set time

No insurance can lead to a higher of up to £5000

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