/6 Tips to Select the Best Vehicle Security System

6 Tips to Select the Best Vehicle Security System

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The advanced technology of GPS, which was once only used by the military, has now been made available for public use. Many companies are taking advantage of technology to create vehicle security systems that help people in more than one way.

The innovative technology is used for benefiting people who want to locate their car from anywhere across the globe. It is also becoming essential as a security solution for vehicles on the road. Since there are many companies in the market trying out ways to use this high-tech, it has become challenging to choose the best. Some parameters define an advanced vehicle tracking system, which you can use to select your best fitting device.

Here are a few things you can look for in the latest vehicle tracking system:

  • Real-time Location

It is a wireless system connected to your smartphone via GPS that keeps you updated on your car’s location wheather it is at rest or moving. You can see it through a map on your phone, which simultaneously updates you when the vehicle moves or stops.

  • Trip Details

The device has a memory where the data is stored, which you can later review and make informed decisions, if necessary. A trip detail will give you all the information of its stops, travel distance, trip time, average speed, and more.

  • Smart Alerts

An advanced vehicle tracking system has set parameters, which, when breached, sends you instant alerts for over speeding, idle engine running, and more. If you own a chauffeur-driven car, you can assess their driving behaviour through all such parameters. Also, it helps you better maintain your vehicle.

  • Geo-fencing

It is a feature primarily available in modern vehicle tracking systems, wherein, you can set a specific boundary for the vehicle. If the vehicle travels out of the set boundary in any case, the device will immediately inform you through a text message or an email. This feature is especially suitable for a chauffeur-driven vehicle in which children travel daily. You can ensure their safety at any time during the day or night.

  • Friendly UI

The friendly user interface of an advanced vehicle tracking system is imperative for easy navigation through its system. It must be easy to operate and have a clean UI to ensure all the features are easily accessible.

  • Ease of Installation

Most vehicle tracking devices are complex to install, which is not the case with advanced devices like KENT CamEye. It has a plug and play setup, which is easy to install and is ready to use as an in-car security solution. The device also comes with a quick installation manual, which helps you go through the process.

Choose the Best Security for Your Car

Vehicle tracking systems are slowly becoming essential for everyone, as security becomes a primary concern on the road. Many companies offer such devices in the market that has various features, but there are only a few facilitating advanced functionalities.

KENT CamEye is one of the best vehicle tracking systems available in the market that offers advanced features. It has a 2-way calling system, AI-based alerts for parameter breach, face recognition technology, cloud storage, and battery backup up to 24 hours. It is available online on Amazon and Flipkart from where you can get it delivered to your doorstep.

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