/How to Use Uber for Your Business Transportation Needs

How to Use Uber for Your Business Transportation Needs

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Making travel arrangements for employees who are on business-related trips can be difficult for many companies. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient to coordinate fleets owned by a business or car services to transport employees.

Uber for Business provides a solution for your business travel needs. While most people are familiar with the company’s consumer platform, Uber also offers business solutions to help companies to meet their transportation needs. Here is what you should know about Uber for Business so that you can determine whether it might be a good option for your business.

Understanding Uber

Understanding how Uber works can help you to better understand Uber for Business. Uber is a company that offers a ride-share app. People can download the Uber app on their smartphones. When you open the app, it will pinpoint your location using the built-in GPS technology on your phone.

Uber drivers also have the apps downloaded on their smartphones. When they have the apps turned on, they are waiting for people to request rides. When you type in the address of the place that you want to go, you will be given the estimated trip cost. When you request the ride, a driver that is close by will be dispatched to pick you up and transport you in his or her vehicle to your destination.

You can see the driver’s location as he or she gets closer to you, allowing you to be ready when they arrive. You do not have to pay the driver when you reach your destination. All of the transactions occur within the Uber app with the credit card that you have placed on file with the company.

Uber requires all of its drivers to submit to background checks before they can drive for the company. You can also rate your driver after your ride, which helps to keep driver-quality higher. Using Uber is similar to using a taxi, but it is a more affordable option.

How Uber for Business works

The Uber for Business platform uses the same concept as the consumer-facing version of Uber. However, it is scalable to meet the transportation needs of businesses of all sizes.

When you open an Uber for Business account, you can store your business credit card information within the app. You will be granted access to a dashboard that allows you to see all of the trip activity of your employees, clients, or anyone else who is authorized to use your business’s transportation account. The dashboard also allows you to automate and manage reports, expensing, and billing. We also got an incredible new reporting dashboard set up from https://www.inetsoft.com/ and it has made a huge difference to our business, so comes very highly recommended.

How Uber for Business works for your clients or employees

Your employees and clients do not have to download the Uber app to get rides with Uber for Business. You can send Uber vehicles to pick up your employees or clients from your individual dashboard. With Uber for Business, you can order vehicles from the range that Uber offers, including high-end choices such as Uber Lux and Uber Black. These options allow you to arrange for your clients or employees to be picked up by professional drivers in luxury cars to provide them with a sense of luxury. This can add to your company’s wow factor and impress your clients.

Your employees can also create business profiles with their work emails. This can allow them to choose between Uber for Business for their business transportation or regular Uber for personal rides. When they order rides with their business profiles, the transactions will be routed through to your company’s card on file. This can allow your employees to order business-related rides without having to fill out expense reports. Using Uber for Business might allow you to save money over the alternative of paying for rental cars. This is especially true if your employees will be attending an event that will only require them to have transportation to and from the nearest airport.

Benefits of Uber for Business for organizations of various sizes

Uber for Business has solutions for businesses of all sizes, including very large companies. For companies that have complex, large transportation needs, Uber is prepared to collaborate with them to create custom transportation plans that include features such as APIs that integrate with reporting and expensing systems, automated compliance programs, International SOS integration, quarterly business reviews, and dedicated managers.

Small companies can also benefit from using Uber for Business. If you need to provide transportation for your employees or clients, it can be a good choice. Your company will not have to pay until your employees or clients take business-related rides.

What is the cost of Uber for Business?

It is free to set up an Uber for Business account. No upfront fees are required, and Uber for Business does not have any minimum spend requirements. While Uber for Business does not provide pricing information on its website, businesses can contact the company to receive a free quote.

There are several ways that Uber for Business can save your company money. Instead of your employees spending time filling out expense reports, the process is automated with Uber for Business. The billing process is simplified and allows you to pay per ride or monthly. This service allows your employees or clients to benefit from reliable transportation on-demand in hundreds of cities and many countries around the world. They can use the service for your business even if they do not have smartphones or the Uber app since you can dispatch rides to pick them up.

Safety considerations when using Uber for Business

While Uber for Business can provide transportation solutions to businesses of all sizes, safety is an important consideration. Since Uber drivers do not have to meet the same requirements as taxi drivers.  Insurance requirements and liability factors in these accidents vary from state to state but, many states are now requiring supplemental bodily injury coverage of a fairly high amount.  For example, in California, Uber drivers are required to have a million dollars in coverage for injury to passengers in their vehicles.  Protecting your employees and making sure they get the right legal advice on any Uber accident claim, is vital and you should consult with legal counsel in the event of an Uber crash that injures your employee.

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