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The breakdown survival kit

Breakdowns and Accidents at The breakdown survival kit

Ever since the first cave dweller carved the first tool out of stone and found a hundred accidental ways to instantly break, snap, and destroy their handiwork, one thing has been certain: build it, and it will break. Now, cars are super things.

You can expect the ‘parts’ list for the average motor vehicle to total around 30,000. That’s tens of thousands of parts, all in place, all doing the thing they’re supposed to be doing, all in perfect harmony (often for years, depending on the age of the car). But things do break. Cars included. And when they do, you may find yourself too far from home and a friendly helping hand – it’s kind of hard to call your grandfather for assistance when you’re on a work-related errand more than a couple of hours’ drive away. Also worth noting is that if your breakdown is the result of damage caused by another driver, there is a car accident lawyer in Dallas if you’re in the area and have questions. If it’s fuel problems, you can just contact diesel fuel delivery services and you’ll be moving again.

There’s nothing else for it. Time is of the essence, and you are the author of your own destiny. Here are the things you can carry in your car to help get you moving again without having to call and wait (and potentially pay) for roadside rescue.

Duct tape

A common issue that results in many stopped motorists is a smashed windscreen. This can occur when driving over potholes, when driving too fast over bumps in the road, or when loose stones bounce upwards and hit your car (or even as a result of hitting wildlife). The thing is, driving with a smashed windscreen is cause for the authorities to pull you over. Duct tape can help to seal up any minor damage while returning home for repairs. Be aware that driving an ‘unfit’ vehicle can affect your insurance, but if drastic times call for drastic measures, this solution can help get you home with minimal implications.

Electric pump

When your dashboard lights up warning of low pressures, you may not always be within safe range of a handy place to pump up those inner tubes and get back on the road. Electric pumps are relatively inexpensive and can make the difference between driving slowly due to worries over low pressures and driving at the normal speed to reach your destination in time.

Jump leads (and a battery)

Most of us are not vehicle mechanics, and as intuitive tasks go, fixing a car engine is a steep learning curve that can’t be conquered by simply popping the hood, casting an inquisitive eye over a few moving parts, and saying “well, this all seems straight forward enough”. The point is, if the engine is the problem, you’re going to need professional help. There’s really no two ways about it. However, if a flat battery is the issue, jump leads and a portable battery can get your engine started again with very little fuss. If you don’t have a portable battery but you do have jump leads, you can always rely on the charity of fellow motorists to pull over and help out – but beware, this could lead to a lifelong social media friend who likes all your posts and keeps messaging to say “we should meet up sometime!”. That portable battery idea isn’t sounding so bad now, is it?

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