/The most common causes of road accidents

The most common causes of road accidents

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Car accidents are common sources of injury and are usually down to human error. Although most road traffic accidents are minor, they are the cause of tens of thousands of deaths every year. It is essential to take care on the road and pay attention. This means not using your phone or driving under the influence. If you have been caught driving while intoxicated, you will need to speak to a DUI lawyer

Listed below are the common causes of vehicle accidents in the us.

Distracted driving

The leading cause of accidents is distracted driving, said an auto accident attorney. Drivers stop paying attention to the road for many reasons including phone use, applying makeup, or looking at what other people are doing.

Cases of this have increased in recent years as people have become accustomed to having constant entertainment and find it hard to concentrate. Instead, listen to an audiobook or music, unless you find them distracting.

Drunk driving

Drink driving is another leading cause of hit and run auto collision. Breathalyzers will show how much alcohol is in your blood while driving, 0.08% or higher is illegal for anyone over 21. And for under 21, state limits range from 0 to 0.02.

Alcohol can stay in your blood for an extended period after drinking. Therefore, you should also be careful the day after drinking a substantial amount. If you or a loved one is charged with DUI, you will need to contact an accomplished dui attorney. If you are in Arizona, you may get in touch with a reputable DUI law firm to ensure that all your rights are protected.


Speed limits are in place for a reason. They are based on potential hazards on that road. When people speed, not only are accidents more likely, they often led to worse consequences. This have also been a big part common causes of car accidents in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Bad weather

Fog, rain, snow, ice, and wind can all cause accidents. Especially for people who are inexperienced or unprepared. Road conditions change, and you should adapt your driving.

When the weather is bad, leave plenty of room between cars, this will avoid an accident if someone skids or fails to break in time. You should also avoid going out in snow or ice unless you need to.

If you are a new driver, take an experienced passenger along with you when you first encounter adverse conditions. Old cars can also be less equipped for bad weather.

Red light

Red lights mean stop. This is something that people know from a young age. However, one of the leading causes of accidents is still people running over a red light. One reason for this is people spreading past as it is just turning to red to try and beat it. You should always slow down before approaching traffic lights.

Dark nights

Nighttime driving results in reduced visibility. This can make hazards harder to spot, especially on roads with no streetlights. You should always drive with extra care at nighttime.

If you are on the road with no speed lights, you can also use your full beams. However, you should always turn them off if another car approaches you from the opposite direction, as these lights can blind other drivers, which can cause accidents.


Although the rules of the road may seem frustrating at times, especially when you are desperate to go somewhere, they are there for a reason. When you drive recklessly, you are endangering yourself and other people on the road. Therefore, take necessary precautions, pay attention, and stay safe.

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