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Tips for buying a used car

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The gap between 0 km and second-hand cars grew with the recent devaluation. Here are some tips for those who are behind a used one. Do you want to change the car and not enough for a 0km?

We give you some tips to buy a used car. Honestly, buying a used car is almost the same as playing online gambling games at betting24.fi. Sometimes, you need to be a lucky person.

The recent devaluation caused a great distortion in the price of zero kilometer cars moving them away, more than ever, from the value of second-hand models. Last month there were increases of around 20% in most brands in their new cars.

For this reason, many users analyze buying their first car or replacing the one they have with a newer, but second-hand one. In this context, it is worth taking into account the following tips to buy a used car and not be scammed.

Full car check

First of all, it is necessary to verify that the chosen car is straight, that is, to maintain the factory line. For this it is necessary to open and close all the doors of the vehicle (including the hood and trunk). This method can help us identify traces of a major accident or repair. In that case, the chances of it having been well fixed are few. It is also recommended to check that the gaps (separation between panels) are uniform and adequate.

The general condition of the vehicle is essential to define the purchase or dismiss it. Therefore, it is very important to check the usual wear parts: tires, discs and brake pads, and shock absorbers. Replacing any of these parts can represent an extraordinary and significant expense, mainly in the case of tires, a fundamental safety element, whose prices are not so accessible.

What to check the engine

Another of the tips to buy a used car has to do with the level of the fluids of the engine and its operation. In the first point, it is essential to identify low levels of lubricant or coolant, since that cannot give the guideline that the car has not been properly preserved. For example, if the coolant looks very striking green or red, it is appropriate, otherwise water would have been placed in the tap, the liquid will look rusty.

On the other hand, when advancing with the revision of the engine, one of the tips to buy a used car is the temperature of the block at the time of starting it: if it is hot, it is a clear indication that the cold start is difficult for you. Usually, this symptom is associated with a cluster of poor conditions and may even indicate that the impeller has low compression.

On the contrary, if the engine is cold and starts normally, there may also be problems, although there are fewer possibilities. In this same line it is advisable to check that the gases that leave through the exhaust pipe: the ideal is not to notice anything, even with the accelerated engine. If the exhaust emits fumes of gray, light blue or black, it will be better to cross out the model in question from our list.

Another of the tips to buy a used car lies in the deterioration inside the vehicle. The wear and tear of the plastics of the on-board panel, the steering wheel, the pedal board and the upholstery, among others, can “give away” the use that this unit has had.

Last but not least, one of the tips for buying a more recurring used car has to do with mileage. Many times, the odometer indicates figures that do not fit the actual ones traveled by the car.

In order not to fall into a trap, it is always advisable to assist with a mechanic who can determine if the gut (analog counter) has been adulterated. An indication may be that the numbers are misaligned or have wear marks at the corners of the board.

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