/Tips on Car Engine Oil Maintenance

Tips on Car Engine Oil Maintenance

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Whenever your car signal you a problem with p0012 code, it means that, most probably, it’s something related to engine oil. Your car needs proper maintenance regularly and as long as you provide it, you have a big chance that your vehicle will serve you for a long time. And engine oil needs regular checking and changing.

How to take care of it?

  1. Check it every time you fill it up. Run your car for a while to warm the oil up, then park it in a level place, remove the dipstick and clean it, then put it back to the end and pull it out to see the oil level.
  2. Change it regularly.  Oil changes must be done regularly. If you remember to change the oil frequently, you will significantly prolong your engine’s life, especially if you live in a severe climate.
  3. Don’t overfill. It can rise into the crankshaft, and you don’t want that, as air will get churned into the oil.
  4. Make sure the oil pan plug is clean. Do it every time you change the oil. Some plugs can magnetize metal particles to trap them for you to clean it.
  5. Add oil coolers. You can find some aftermarket coolers for a good price and they will contribute to keeping your car healthy and running.
  6. Use synthetic oil. It’s more expensive, but it will keep your engine in good shape. You can find the best oils on the market at carfluidspro.com.
  7. Use the recommended viscosity. You can check it in your manual and adjust it according to the climate you live in.

To know more about car care, check out the infographic below:

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