/Hiring a Car in Dubai: Read This Detailed Guide!

Hiring a Car in Dubai: Read This Detailed Guide!

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The most comfortable and relaxing way to get around Dubai is by renting a car. Whether you just moved in the city or you are here for a vacation, renting a car would be the most feasible option as it provides you the flexibility and freedom to go anywhere.

Just imagine, how great and comfortable is it to step directly into your car after a long flight journey? Well, of course, it will definitely be an awesome feeling, especially if you’re going, for example, for a G63 rental in Dubai. But keep in mind that there are a few hurdles that can come your way while renting a car in Dubai. Hurdles can be in many forms such as overpricing issues, rental car insurance issues, and other facilities

Do you want to avoid such hurdles while renting a car in Dubai? Here are 8 important things that you must know before renting a car.

Authorized Driving License

If you are a UAE resident, then you will need to have an authorized driving license of the UAE to rent a car in Dubai. An international driving license can be utilized only by tourists and those individuals who are on a visit visa. However, if you have a GCC or European driving license, you may hire a car for as long as you are on a visit visa.

Driving a Vehicle outside the UAE

It is strictly prohibited to drive a hired vehicle outside the border of the UAE. For instance, if you are planning to go to Oman, you will need to go along with someone who owns a vehicle.

Minimum Age Limit

To drive a vehicle in the UAE, you must be 18 years old but to rent a vehicle, you must be 21 years old. However, the minimum age is 25 years old for some high category cars in the country. Make sure, you consider UAE car rental rules related to the age limit when taking a car on rent there.

Know About Fines & Salik Charges

Salik is an electronic toll road system in Dubai that is based on “Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)” through which a toll fee is levied when any vehicle crosses the toll gate. You don’t need to stop to pay that fee.

Some of the car rental companies pay this fee themselves and most of them levy extra amount to the customer in order to settle this fee.  So, make sure you ask the agent about the fines and Salik charges incurred before making the car rental booking.

Know About Car Insurance Policy

While renting a car in Dubai, be sure you ask the company about their car insurance in Dubai policies as it varies from company to company. Plus, you can’t drive a car legally in the UAE without a motor insurance policy.

Majority of the car rental companies offer CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance in the UAE inclusive of the car rental price. Henceforth, it is suggested to know what is included in your auto insurance policy before renting a car.

However, you can avoid opting for the pricey insurance option offered by the car rental company if you already have opted for personal car insurance. In such a case, you won’t need to buy the company’s CDW insurance policy.

Security Deposit 

Majority of the car rental companies in Dubai, ask the customer to pay a security deposit and other charges in advance to ensure mutual responsibilities between the vehicle Rental Company & customer. The sole reason behind securing a certain amount of money that traffic fines take a few days to be recorded & then the car rental company can then charge, if required.

Well, you can pay the security through different modes including credit card, cash, cheques, etc. However, few companies don’t accept payment through cheques so it is always a great idea to pay through credit card.

Read Terms & Conditions

People often don’t pay attention to terms & conditions while renting a car and it brings them a lot of troubles. Make sure, you read the terms & conditions carefully before securing a deal. Well, you can easily find the terms & conditions on the official website of the company. Know the rules and policies of the respective car rental company. This will help you to stay alert and well-informed. Thus, you can enjoy the worry-free ride.

Accident & Break down Policy

In an event of an accident, the renter should inform the police. If the car gets damaged in an accident, the car rental company may levy you for the loss irrespective of the fact if it was not your fault. In addition to this, a vehicle breaks down or it does not work properly, you must notify the company without any delay else they might charge you for the damage.

Final Thoughts   

Well, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility to travel from one place to another by renting a car in Dubai, without paying unanticipated charges, if you keep the aforementioned points in mind. However, one of the best tips when it comes to renting a vehicle is to do thorough research and ask questions regarding the same. This is indeed the best way to know what you are really getting and what you are paying for.

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