/Palmer Administrative Services Protecting Cars Even In Crisis

Palmer Administrative Services Protecting Cars Even In Crisis

car finance at Palmer Administrative Services Protecting Cars Even In Crisis

Palmer Administrative Services continues to offer its extended auto protection plans to those who might need them. Although the world is focused on the pandemic, every individual still has to deal with personal concerns including automobile repairs. Travel restrictions may be in place in many regions but people still have to go out from time to time for essential work and vital needs. Having a reliable car gives one the confidence to venture outside to do what needs to be done.

Palmer Administrative Services have also been doing their part to support communities affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Difference between Auto Protection Plan and Manufacturing Warranties

The auto protection plan being provided by Palmer should not be confused with manufacturing warranties. Although these are similar in their aim of ensuring top shape for the vehicle and low repair costs for the owner, they actually vary in significant ways. They each have their place and their time. Motorists should know the difference so that they can make the right decisions when necessary.

  1. Vehicle Age

Warranties can only be issued by the car manufacturer. They are generally bundled with new cars as part of the package. They are among the reasons why most people prefer buying new rather than used. The warranty makes sure that any problems that they may encounter will be fixed free of charge. It guarantees no additional expenses for repairs. On the other hand, used cars are usually several years old and out of warranty. Buyers can get an auto protection plan to take the place of the warranty at this advanced stage.

  1. Coverage Limit

Manufacturer warranties do not go on indefinitely. Although such a scenario might be welcome, the reality is that car makers limit their involvement to a certain period. This is usually about three years from the date of purchase. It can be shorter or longer depending on the particular company. The warranty may lapse earlier if the mileage limit is reached before the time limit. As for auto protection plans, the contract will continue to be in effect as long as the car owner is subscribed to the service.

  1. Included Components

Original warranties generally cover a limited number of parts. For example, they may be activated for engine repairs but not for paint scratches and wheel problems. It really depends on what the contract says. Some manufacturers have better coverage than others. If you feel that the warranty is too limited, then you can purchase an auto protection plan from Palmer Administrative Services to fill the gaps. You have greater freedom to customize your plan to suit your needs. Opt for the basics or go for the royal treatment based on your projected requirements and risk appetite.

  1. Cost of Service

Manufacturer warranties do not come with additional costs because they are already factored into the price of the vehicle. They are part of the reason why brand new cars are so much more expensive than used ones. On the other hand, auto protection plans are bought separately from third-party providers like Palmer Administrative Services. Their cost varies greatly depending on the level of coverage desired. The simplest plans are quite affordable and should be enough to keep a car going for a long time. Comprehensive plans cost more while providing a wider safety net.

Palmer Administrative Services continue to serve their clients faithfully and as best as they can under the current circumstances. They monitor what their community needs so that they can extend the appropriate assistance within their capabilities. They know that everyone must do their part in helping each other out at this time.

Anyone who wishes to reach the offices of Palmer Administrative Services can call at 800-599-9557 between 9 AM and 7 PM during weekdays. They can also send an email to info@palmeradministration.com for any questions or concerns.

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