/Quick Car Finance – Bringing Transparency to the Car Finance Industry

Quick Car Finance – Bringing Transparency to the Car Finance Industry

car finance at Quick Car Finance – Bringing Transparency to the Car Finance Industry

Founded in 2018, Quick Car Finance is helping to bring greater transparency to the car finance industry, offering the very best rates to drivers, subject to their credit status and affordability.

Quick Car Finance was founded by Paul Williams and Iain Williams, and is based in the popular consumer finance hub of Bournemouth. The company offer hire purchase, helping customers to pay off their loan through a set repayment period, which will eventually result in owning the vehicle outright.

The co-founders state: “When we started, we made every partner sign an agreement to make the costs transparent and offer the same rate for each customer. This was sent and agreed upon with every partner, finance company and broker that we work with from day one.”

“We were fortunate that we could do this from the very start of the business, rather than a more established company that would have to change a lot of the internal processes and how they operated.”

“We offer transparency with every car finance and put the customer first every step of the way.”

At present, 90% of Brits are using PCPs (personal contract purchases) to help them buy a new car, attracted by the small deposits, monthly payments, and the option of balloon payment when wanting to purchase the vehicle outright.

Whilst so many in the UK are using this method to buy a car, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has raised multiple issues with this method. Before the introduction of new regulation in 2019, car dealerships were able to charge customers with above the market rates. Many dealerships did this to boost their commission.

As previously mentioned, rather than PCP, Quick Car Finance offers hire purchase, enabling customers to pay for the vehicle in installments, gradually working towards owning the vehicle outright.

All inquiries with Quick Car Finance start with an affordability check, assessing credit history and evaluating the amount applicants can budget for the car. After the checks are done, the company’s partners will offer the best rate for each specific applicant, regardless of the commission.

Quick Car Finance considers all different types of credit, including good, bad and poor. Their application process only takes a few minutes to complete, with no obligation, no deposit and no arrangement fees.

Through their honest and transparent attitude, Quick Car Finance is helping the UK find the best car finance deals, saving consumers from inflated rates and large balloon payments.

For more information, visit https://www.quickcarfinance.co.uk/

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