/3 Ways to Prevent Devastating Losses Resulting from Motor Vehicle Accidents

3 Ways to Prevent Devastating Losses Resulting from Motor Vehicle Accidents

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While some motor vehicle accidents are quite minor and losses are negligible, others can totally devastate everyone involved. From bodily injury to property damage, there seems to be no end to losses incurred and it pays to understand keyways to prevent such horrific losses.

1. Silence Is Golden

Although this might be putting the cart before the horse, the first thing you should learn is when to speak and when to keep your mouth closed. This can be the one thing that prevents you from losing your proverbial shirt. If you are involved in an accident and are seeking compensation from the at-fault driver, you should know right out of the gate that it is their insurance company’s job to put all, or part, of the fault on you.

You obviously need to exchange information at the scene and speak with police officers, but that is where your obligation ends if you do just one thing. Get a lawyer! This is especially important if there are injuries in your vehicle. Once you have given your report, let your lawyer do the talking for you. Bodily injury can be extremely costly, and that is not something you want to be held liable for.

2. Get the Best Coverage Possible

Here is another area that bears special mention. Although you would like to save money on your insurance premiums, is that the wisest thing to do? Those few extra dollars every year could save you more than you realize! This is especially important if you drive a late model or exotic vehicle.

The cost of repairs alone can be through the roof, notwithstanding other property or losses not covered. Sometimes drivers feel that most of these losses are covered in no-fault or shared-fault states, but that is not the case. It truly pays to get the best collision and comprehensive coverage possible.

3. Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Obviously, there are times when it is virtually impossible to avoid an accident. That is why they are called accidents. However, you can never assume that other drivers will be as aware of road conditions and traffic as you are. It only takes one driver making an illegal lane change to cause a pile-up a mile long.

It should be said that the absolute best, and most effective, way to prevent accidents is to be doubly aware when you are behind the wheel. With distracted driving being a leading cause of accidents on the road today, make an extra special effort to keep your eyes and attention on the road at all times.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it is not possible to prevent all accidents but there are things you can do to prevent devasting losses. If you are involved in a major motor vehicle accident, hire a good car accident lawyer even the same day if possible. Learn to let your lawyer do the talking for you, and by all means, purchase the best coverage available.

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