/To Taxi or to Uber: That is the Question

To Taxi or to Uber: That is the Question


uber vs taxi at To Taxi or to Uber: That is the Question

In the past, if you wanted a quick ride somewhere and you didn’t have a car your choice was very clear: take a taxi. The rise of ride-share services like Uber and Lyft over the last decade have added additional options which may leave you wondering which is best. Should you continue to call a cab as you have always done, or make the switch?

Taxis were the best choice in the past, and they’re still the best choice today. Here are some of the many reasons you should continue to take a taxi, and skip Uber.

  • Taxis are Safer: When you call a taxi, you’re getting a driver who is insured and bonded, who has gone through a thorough background check. Sometimes they are unionized. Uber isn’t nearly as rigid when it comes to background checks and insurance, and they certainly don’t have a union.
  • Taxis Know the Roads: Most taxi drivers have been driving around the roads and streets of the city for a long time and know them intimately. They can get you where you need to go quickly because they know all the short cuts. Most Uber drivers in cities aren’t nearly so well-oriented, even sometimes asking the passengers for directions. Even when they do use a GPS, it’s not the same as having a deep knowledge of the streets.
  • You Can Grab a Taxi Fast: If you’re in the center of any city, you can pretty much just stick your hand out on the street, and you’ve got yourself a cab. You don’t have to mess with your phone or open an app, and then wait for the driver to arrive. You’re already off! Try it out, call taxi services perth to have a safe and quick trip.
  • Taxis are an Affordable Option: Believe it or not, there’s not a huge difference between the price of a taxi and the price of an Uber. In fact during high surge times, taxis are often the cheaper option.
  • Taxis Have Special Lanes – As cabs we have access to those extra lanes that only taxis and buses can use. You wouldn’t believe how much that can speed up your ride, especially during rush hour times. Uber, on the other hand, has no access to these lanes.
  • Taxis Take Cash: Taxis take cash. It’s always good to have extra options. Uber only takes cash in select locations.
  • You Can Book a Taxi in Advance: This is an important option if you have somewhere you need to be, and you want to make sure your ride is there – like the airport. You can call and book a taxi days or hours in advance and they will be there. With Uber you have to take your chances on the moment.
  • Taxis Don’t Track Your Location: Not everyone wants to be tracked while they’re taking transportation, or at other times. It’s important for many people to have more privacy. Some cabs have apps, but you don’t have to use an app. Just flag us down on the street or give us a call.
  • Taxi Companies Offer More Rental Options: Besides the cars, Uber does offer a black limo service. However, taxi companies offer many more options. At Lockerby Taxi, you can also get accessibility transportation, special advertisement taxis, and bus charters. We also do vehicle sales and service.

Now that you’re aware of all these compelling reasons why taxis are preferable to Uber, you’ll hopefully make the choice to stick with good old fashioned taxi cabs. Come see what we have to offer at Lockerby Transportation. Have a great ride!

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