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Boost Your Car With A Ceramic Coating Finish

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You might have heard about automotive ceramic coatings, but you may not know a lot about the benefits you get for using ceramic coatings for your car over wax and other coatings.

The ceramic coating is a long-lasting protective layer that chemically combines with the coating and forms a thick, translucent glass-like layer to keep your car safe and protected for years. It is a very popular option by many car enthusiasts and car owners, especially for Schmicko, who specialize in car detailing.

The main advantages of the ceramic coating are UV sun protection, protection against light scratches, easy cleaning, shiny appearance, and semi-permanent protection.

All of these (and other) advantages of the ceramic coating are described in detail below. However, you may first want to know more about ceramic coating and its actual protection before applying it on your car. If you desire other customizations, companies like auto detailing boise have your back.

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating, also called nano-coating, is a liquid polymer that bonds to the surface of your car and forms a long-term protective layer over the paint. It dries and hardens once applied, creating a thick glass like appearance, famous for the deep glossy shine. We always recommend a professional car detailer for premium results as a poor application can look very obvious and is also difficult to correct and fix.

What does ceramic coating do?

Automotive ceramic paint protection combines chemically with paint and forms a durable protective layer. The ceramic coating protects the transparent layer from below.

The transparent cap protects the coating layer of your car, but your transparent coat can easily be damaged and scratched. It is very important to have a protective film on it. Ceramic coating protects from UV rays. UV rays may corrode your car paint without protection, leading oxidation, and discoloration.

Ceramic coatings can last for many years, depending on the brand and quality. High-quality ceramic paint nano-coatings can protect your paint for up to five years before needing to be replaced and may come with a warranty. An additional ceramic wax sealant can also be applied for a basic touch up if desired.

Although the ceramic coating offers a lasting shine, it takes longer to apply. The application process includes a thorough cleaning of the car surface of dirt, sediment, or even turn marks as well as the ease of application of the glazing. Highly recommended to decontaminate and correct the paint before sealing it in with any paint protection products.Another danger to your car is chemical pollution by naturally acidic pollutants. By creating a chemically resistant surface, the ceramic coating can prevent certain contaminants from sticking to your car paint. The result is that your car will be more resistant to stains and craters, provided that the pollutants are removed in time. All thanks to its super-hydrophobic properties, it is able to resist stains and chemical contamination very well.One of the important advantages of the ceramic coating compared to other protective layers such as wax or sealants, is the duration of the coating which helps to reduce aging and overall wear and tear, meaning your car can look newer for longer.

While wax and sealants can only protect your paint for just a couple of months, the ceramic coating will last for years if properly maintained.

This is one of the biggest advantages of the ceramic coating compared to other protective layers.

The ceramic coating bounces dirt, liquids, and chemicals outside more easily, rather than damaging them. The car looks cleaner because dirt is more difficult to stick to the surface.

This does not mean that your car does not need to be washed. You don’t need to clean your car a lot, but the streets still contain dust and dirt that builds up over time. Also, car washing doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part – the dirt should get rid of without much resistance.

The car stays cleaner

The more the surface moves, the easier it will be to get the dirt into small pockets. As the name suggests, the nanocoating works at the molecular level to ensure that the coating provided is very smooth and uniform. This means that even if the dirt encounters the paint, there is no room to stick and simply roll over the surface. Due to this characteristic of ceramic coating, most of the pollutants they face on the road cannot adhere to the roof of the car and fall off, leaving the surface in its original state.

Maintenance of the ceramic coating

For your ceramic coating to look good for years, you need to maintain it properly. Fortunately, it’s very simple.

Clean your car, especially on regular basis, to keep the contaminants from the surface. Do not leave your car without washing it for over two weeks as this will accelerate the degradation of your paint.

If you really want to keep your car in perfect condition, you can sometimes apply a “maintenance spray”. This fills in any imperfections and helps restore the shine of your ceramic coating. Do not use a machine polisher or compounds on the coated paintwork as you will risk removing or damaging the paint protection layer.

In general, it is not very difficult to maintain a ceramic coating considering all the advantages.

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