/Golden Tips to Make Your Classic Car Last Longer and Save Value

Golden Tips to Make Your Classic Car Last Longer and Save Value

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For owners of a classic car, this is sure to be your prized possession whether you are an avid fan of the classics or you are a dealer working on cars and then selling them. As such an important and valuable asset, it is vital that you know how to protect the vehicle, make it last longer and help it to retain its value. There are many effective ways to do this and you need to be aware of what the threats to the vehicle are so that you can find ways to protect it.

Exposure to the Elements

You certainly don’t want the elements to take their toll on the vehicle’s exterior which can lead to major issues like rust, corrosion and tarnish. This is why you need to make sure that you keep the vehicle stored somewhere that will protect the metal and chrome as well as somewhere that is not damp. This should be somewhere sheltered (which could also protect it from crime) and you could use a storage bubble which is a premium solution that will keep the car stored in perfect conditions at all times. This could also protect the vehicle from crime, which is unfortunately another risk with this type of car

Sitting Unused

It is not good for any car to sit unused for too long, even if it is being stored in the right conditions. This is why you need to make sure that you are starting the car up at least once every two weeks and taking it for a drive, even if it is just a few miles. This will keep everything working as it should and avoid issues such as brakes sticking and failing hydraulics.

Performance Issues

Much like any car, there are performance issues that can occur with a classic car and especially if it is only used every so often – additionally, older cars often have performance issues so you need to be wary of this. Often, you can prevent performance issues with basic car maintenance throughout the year. This is often work that you can do yourself, such as changing spark plugs, replacing the oil, keeping the various liquids topped up and keeping the tyres topped up to the right level. Additionally, when you do take the car for a spin you should always drive conservatively and with care.

Classic Car Insurance

It is vital that you have the right level of cover for your classic car and standard auto insurance will not suffice for these high-value cars that have a number of unique risks. This is why you need to arrange classic car insurance from a specialist like Gallagher, which will provide financial protection and peace of mind. Classic car insurance usually includes fully comprehensive cover along with cover for other various threats, plus in some cases cover is on an agreed value as opposed to the typical market value. Additionally, premiums are often lower due to the fact that these vehicles are usually well-maintained and driven less.

Every classic car owner needs to know how to properly look after a vintage vehicle whether they plan on selling it or not and hopefully this post will help you to do this.

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