/How to Install a Car Amplifier: The Basic Steps to Take

How to Install a Car Amplifier: The Basic Steps to Take

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There are several steps to take when it comes to installing a car amplifier. Check out our guide here to learn more about how to install a car amplifier.

It gets a little too quiet for comfort on the road.

You’ve tried turning up the music louder, but you then lose sound quality. Meanwhile, your friend is still mumbling about something and traffic is still roaring. All you want is to listen to your favorite playlist.

It’s time to step up the audio game in your car and install an amplifier. We know it sounds tricky, but the process is worth it.

Keep reading below to discover how to install a car amplifier. It’s easier than you think with the right guidance.

What’s the Point?

The obvious point of adding an amplifier to your car would be to increase the overall sound experience. It adds power and quality, perfect for your driving playlists.

Without any amplifiers or subwoofers, you experience a high-level of cracking and static once the volume goes past a certain point. The amplifier will clear things up while also giving you the volume you want.

If you are having trouble selecting which amplifier, do a little research online. You can also check out these amp for subs.

How Do I Install It?

Learning how to install a car amplifier can be a tad tricky, but it’s totally possible with guidance and patience. Many automotive stores sell amp installation kits that make the process even easier so look for one of those.

The first step in the installation is selecting the location. A usual spot is under the driver’s seat. You can also place it in the trunk.

It comes down to personal preference and ease of installation. Under the driver’s seat is popular because you can’t see it, and it’s a central location in the car.

Next, disconnect the power source before you do anything with wires and cables. You don’t want to get electrocuted. After you disconnect the power source, take the power cables from the car battery and weave them along until they reach where you’re placing the amp.

While running the cables to the amp, you may have to pass them through a firewall and do a little trimming with the carpet. Drilling a hole through the firewall can be a tad tricky, just a heads up.

Hook It Up

We’re sure you want it to actually turn on and connect with the stereo so it’s time to hook it up.

Take the turn-on and signal wires from the amp and run them to the infotainment system of the car, usually in your dashboard. Connect the turn-on wire and plug in all the RCA cables where they need to go.

After all this, all you have left to do is hide any wires you can still see and ground your amplifier. Secure the ground cable to a metal bolt that is directly touching the metal chassis of the car.

Learning How to Install a Car Amplifier

After all your hard work in learning how to install a car amplifier, make sure you test out the amplifier you installed. Take your car for a drive and listen to the clear sound. It’s satisfying.

Before you start any installation, make sure you do your homework. Re-read this article, watch videos, and search for installation kits.

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