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Reasons to Love the New Mini Cooper

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The classic Mini Cooper has undergone transformations that left its fans jaw-dropped after the reintroduction back in 2001. It still maintains its status as a cult icon. The iconic front grille and headlamps are something that the fans cannot resist loving. The newly revamped Mini is packing a much higher punch with 200 horsepower replacing the 1960s original 34 horsepower engine of the first Mini Cooper

Most people call it the “cutest car ever”, and they can surely spot one on sight. The classification of Mini Cooper doesn’t have the same vomit-inducing powers as the Toyota Prius.

According to the German brand BMW, this tiny little buddy can hold its arena as a racing car. It is, indeed, a compact car that drives similar to a go-kart. Driving enthusiasts and road devils would go crazy to have a Mini Cooper in their “cars to go zoom” arsenal.

Some people might not have a Mini, but they are interested in buying one. Some clubs offer people to ride along with them during various driving events. This way, they can get the ins and outs of the vehicles, get the hang of how the car handles and talk about the fun-size road monster.

There are plenty of racing car fan bases, but the one that belongs to Mini Cooper is probably the most quirky and interesting one. They proudly express their love and care towards the tiny terror!

Cuteness At Its Best 

Mini Cooper is a super cute car, but it never looks like a chick car. Women love its cuteness, but nobody can deny that it has a huge male fanbase as well. Men still look manly behind the wheel of this teeny-tiny compact.

Beautiful Inside and Out

We see cars that come with a dashboard that includes mileage, speedometer, and fuel gauge behind the wheel. The center dashboard remains free for the GPS, A/C controls, and entertainment systems in these cars. But, Mini Cooper comes with a huge centrally-located circular speedometer along with some designs for a GPS in the center. All these nitty-gritty features of Mini Cooper make its fans ooze!

New Mini Cooper Holds is Still True to its Roots

Reinventing themselves is one of the failures that classic car inventors manufacturers come across. They fail to innovate and appeal to the new market. Whereas, Mini Cooper is still true to its roots. It has also gathered a big cult following due to its mass-market appeal.

You Can Go Everywhere
Practicality is the thing that was on the manufacturer’s mind while inventing Mini Cooper. Are you planning to go 400-plus miles on a single tank? No worries, Mini has got your back. The tank of this vehicle can hold about 13.2 gallons. Guess what? You no longer have to sacrifice your firstborn.

BMW claims that Mini Cooper drives like a go-kart, and the claim is a legitimate one. It is a small vehicle yet is a speed demon. If you have a Mini, you should look at the stick shift. Do you see a little button marked “sport”? You would definitely want to engage with it when you need help maneuvering those hairpin curves!

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