/The Top 5 Reliable Car Brands 2020

The Top 5 Reliable Car Brands 2020

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For the majority of adults, having an automobile is vital to their daily life whether this is commuting to and from work, grocery shopping, driving to the gym or for social visits. This means that reliability is crucial when it comes to vehicles and there are a few brands which are known for their reliability.

This was recently assessed by Warrantywise who have created a Reliability Index that uses their extended warranty data, including claim percentages, average amount claimed, cost of repairs and various other factors to determine which are the most (and least) reliable brands. Read on to find out the most reliable manufactures based on data courtesy of WarrantyWise.

  1. Honda

Japanese-brand Honda is known for their reliability so it is no surprise that they come out on top in this study. Honda scored an impressive overall score of 89.38 along with an average repair cost of £538.59 and a claim percentage of just 8%. This means that Honda vehicles do not breakdown often and when they do they are affordable to repair and it is said that their excellent engines are the reason for this, plus they also have parts which are cheap to replace when compared to other manufacturers.

  1. Lexus

The Luxury division of Toyota, Lexus is another Japanese brand that has a history of producing highly reliable vehicles which is one of the main reasons that they are such a popular brand with those that are able to afford them. Lexus narrowly missed out on the top spot with an overall score of 88.96, but as you would expect with a luxury brand the repair costs were much higher at £937.57. Lexus (and Toyota) are pioneering when it comes to engine technology and have been groundbreaking when it comes to electric and hybrid vehicles which is a key reason why they are so reliable.

  1. Toyota

Unsurprisingly, Toyota rounds out the top three with an overall score of 87.02%. The average amount claimed for Toyota repairs is far lower than their luxury division at £596.44 but have a claim percentage that is almost double at 9% compared to Lexus’ 5% (both are still very low). As the brand that introduced hybrid automobiles to the world with the iconic Prius, Toyota is always at the forefront of engine technology and have been one of the most reliable brands for a number of years.

  1. Suzuki

Yet another Japanese manufacturer, Suzuki is the fourth most reliable car brand in 2020 according to Warrantywise. Suzuki was quite far behind Toyota with an overall score of 81.83%, but this is still an impressive score and the brand is increasing in popularity with the Swift proving to be a common car on UK roads. Warrantywise reported a claim percentage of 8% for Suzuki, along with repair costs of £580.86 and average mileage of 41291.

  1. Dacia

Rounding out the top 5 and the first non-Japanese brand is somewhat of a surprise entry with Dacia – the Romanian manufacturer that is a subsidiary of Renault. Dacia marginally missed out on fourth with an overall score of 81.12% and a key reason for its impressive score is the fact that it has very low average repair costs at £511.42 – this is a brand that prides itself on its affordability so it is unsurprising that parts are so cheap. In addition to affordability, Dacia is also clearly dependable with a claim percentage of just 8%.

These are the top 5 reliable car brands in 2020 according to Warrantywise. Anyone looking for a vehicle that they can rely on cannot go wrong with any of these brands and it is clear that Japanese brands are certainly dependable.

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