/HONK and Spiffy Now Provide Tow Companies with a Reliable Source for Safe and Effective Cleansers

HONK and Spiffy Now Provide Tow Companies with a Reliable Source for Safe and Effective Cleansers

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COVID-19 caused a run on cleaning supplies, which has left many organizations without a reliable source for effective cleansers. Tow companies have not been immune, and that’s a problem, because they need to sanitize their vehicles before and after every job to protect both customers and drivers.

Additionally, even when tow companies are able to source cleansers, many have harsh chemicals that can discolor dashboards and seats in tow trucks. Tow companies need EPA-approved, hospital grade cleansers that can disinfect their vehicles without damaging them.

“We have always maintained a clean fleet of tow trucks but now during the pandemic, it requires an entirely different standard,” said Tyler Mortvedt, Central Iowa Towing and Recovery. “Having consistent access to safe, American-made, hospital-grade disinfectant gives us comfort and security, knowing we’re keeping our tow operators and customers protected.”

HONK Technologies, a next-generation roadside assistance service, has partnered with Spiffy, an on-demand care care and vehicle disinfection company, to ensure that HONK’s network of tow operators has consistent access to EPA-approved, hospital grade disinfectant to properly sanitize trucks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a result of the current pandemic, our insurance carrier clients are continually asking us about standards for vehicle cleanliness,” said Rochelle Thielen, EVP Partnerships, HONK. “We’re proud to respond with this vital partnership, making HONK the first in the roadside industry to enable continuous access to the highest quality professional chemicals that destroy COVID-19 and other pathogens to both our service providers and our insurance clients, for use across all parts of their businesses.”

The partnership provides HONK’s service provider network of over 75,000 vehicles with direct e-commerce access and exclusive discounts at Spiffy’s Disinfection Store.

This partnership helps insurance providers protect policyholders by ensuring HONK’s network of 75,000 tow vehicles has direct access to cleaning supplies via an e-commerce site with exclusive discounts.

“Spiffy is excited to partner with HONK to disinfect and protect tow vehicles,” said Scot Wingo, CEO, Spiffy. “Our solutions help keep drivers safe while ensuring that policyholders are protected during roadside claims, setting HONK and its customers apart.”

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