/Need a new car engine? Here’s why you should always buy used.

Need a new car engine? Here’s why you should always buy used.

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New car or a new engine? If your car has recently broken down then you might be asking yourself that exact question. The engine is the most important part of your vehicle – without it nothing else functions. But despite our best efforts, regular maintenance and careful driving, engines don’t last as long as they ought to.

Buying a new car sounds exciting, but there’s a lot to consider and you may not have the funds to find a car that is reliable enough. A used car engine is a popular choice, and there are lots of pros to buying a quality used engine, although the idea of buying second hand can seem daunting. Here we’ll examine why you should always buy used auto parts when you need a new car engine.

It saves you money

The biggest advantage by far is the impact on your wallet. Buying anything second hand will always be cheaper than buying new. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of the part you’re buying. If you choose to buy from a reputable dealer, you’ll not only get high quality parts but also a great price.

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Source: https://carloansofamerica.com/mistakes-people-make-in-buying-cars/

It’s better for the environment

Of course, the impact that CO2 emissions have on the environment is well documented. But while many of us currently find cleaner sources of fuel and environmentally-friendly vehicles out of reach, buying a quality used car engine is the next best thing. Why? Because you’re preventing unnecessary waste and stopping unused car parts from filling up landfills and causing even more pollution.

The part is usually guaranteed

It’s easy to imagine faulty car parts, or an unsafe and unreliable engine being placed in your car. However, these kinds of stories are only accurate if you don’t go with a reputable dealer or car part supplier. When you purchase a used car engine, you should look for one with an extended warranty and coverage. Engine Finder offers used engines for sale from a network of scrap yards in South Africa. This should give you peace of mind that if there are any issues, you and your vehicle are covered, either with a new engine, your money back or free labour.

It’s a much simpler process

While buying a new car seems exciting, it comes will all kinds of headaches, paperwork, shopping around, working out your finances, insurance payments and registration changes etc. Is it really worth all the hassle that comes with it? When you opt for a replacement engine, you’re forgoing all the additional hassle and painstakingly low processes that come with buying a new car. It just makes sense.

You know it works!

When you purchase a used engine, you don’t have to worry about the quality of what you’re putting in your car. You know that the engine has been tried, tested and is wholly reliable. Combine these with your additional warranties, and you know you’ve made the right choice.

What next?

If you’re wondering if you should purchase a used engine, reach out to a reputable supplier as soon as possible to discuss your options.

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