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What Is the Cheapest Way to Transport A Car?

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One of the most reliable and cheapest car shipping methods is via open transport. It costs significantly less than an enclosed carrier and may transport around 8 to 10 cars on one truck with a single driver. The cost to ship a vehicle at affordable prices also depends on so many other variables. So, let’s explore the options in detail.


To save money while receiving the best services requires you to get quotes from at least three to five different transporters. Shipping your car shouldn’t solely be left to companies who claim to provide you the best and cheapest way to ship a car. It’s essential to hire professionals who’re competent in their job and understand the auto industry’s specifics in detail.

So, you must always research a lot from your end before finalizing the decision. Also, be double sure and don’t blindly believe a company’s quotes. It’s best to look for the company’s reviews and carefully weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t pay a hefty amount at a later stage. Talk to the company representatives and see if they’re knowledgeable professionals who can quote a binding estimate.

Open or Enclosed Carrier

Depending upon the type of car you own, open and enclosed options are the most inquired about.

Open air transport

In most cases, a cheap car shipping method is via an open transport carrier. If the vehicle that you want to ship is your primary mode of transportation, open carriers are quick and affordable. There are many more open trailers on the road making it easier for you to have your car picked up on the dates you have requested. But it exposes your vehicle to damage and weather elements beyond the company’s control.

Enclosed transport

If your vehicle is particularly more expensive or valuable, enclosed shipping is a deal-breaker. Enclosed transport is the type of carriers you see leaving car shows. The cars are enclosed in a container which saves your car from all sorts of damage, but the quotes can be pricey.

Terminal or Door to Door Delivery

In addition to the type of carrier, delivery options also affect the pricing.

Terminal-to-terminal services

This is when you leave your vehicle at the transporter’s terminal. It’s from there that the vehicle is loaded onto the trailer and shipped to the other location’s terminal. If all you are looking for is a cheap car transport option, terminal to terminal is the way to go. However, it’s a less convenient option since you’ll have to drop the car yourself and wait until the trailer or driver’s available.

Door-to-door shipping

This is when the vehicle is picked up by the auto transporter from your desired location (home or office) and dropped off at the final destination. It saves your time and effort in driving the car to a terminal, as it’s the company representative’s responsible for picking and dropping the vehicle. We recently also needed some reliable temperature-controlled packaging for another business and got it from there and it’s been incredible, so have a look there if you need temperature controlled packaging supplies.

Type of Vehicle

As we mentioned earlier, car shipping costs also depend on your vehicle. Therefore, sharing precise details of your car is necessary to get the correct estimates. Total weight, make, and model of the vehicle are amongst the significant deciding factors for shipping costs. For example, Sedans usually cost less than SUVs. They occupy less overall space, which helps the trailers to accommodate more vehicles in case of open-air shipping. But if it’s an older, heavier, and longer Sedan, the cost may increase.

Also, keeping all the personal belongings out of the vehicle helps you reduce the cost as it makes up less weight, and you can avoid paying extra. In fact, the cost also depends on whether your car is function or immobile

Shipping Costs at a Glance

Besides the factors mentioned above, route (short/ farther/ hard-to-reach) and season (peak/ offseason) are two other important variables that affect the quotes. Also, the level of service you require, i.e., standard, priority, or expedited shipping frames your budget, where the latter two options are more expensive than the first one.

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