/4 Driving Mistakes Every New Car Owner Must Avoid

4 Driving Mistakes Every New Car Owner Must Avoid

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Driving to your work and back home may not be a sport, but honestly, it’s nothing less than that.

Especially when you are new to cars and haven’t gained enough experience or confidence to drive comfortably. Yes, that’s the phase when we are the most prone to making silly mistakes.

But who wants failures on the road? After knowing the intensity of damage that may happen, we all want to avoid such troubles. And in this post, we are trying to help our ‘friends who recently started driving’ to drive safely.

Here are four driving tips that every new car owner must avoid.

1. Not Adjusting The Mirrors

Whether you wish to overtake or to allow a vehicle to overtake you, you will need a clear view of what is happening behind your car’s back.

And let’s be practical; people who turn their heads while driving are not good drivers for humanity.

Guess what? Your car has everything you need to drive it easily.

From the rearview mirror in the center of your car to the wing mirrors on both sides, you can have a wide view to help yourself drive safely. But there’s one condition, this technology will only work for you if you have adjusted your mirrors before driving.

2. Double Footing the Pedal(s)

One mistake that you and your car are going to regret is the habit of double footing the pedal(s).

Many times, we become so comfortable while driving that we forget that we have been pushing the accelerator and the brakes at the same time.

Now some may argue, “how will the car even run then?”.

Well, the car will run, and the run will ruin your brake pads and the disc rotor as well (if you keep repeating the mistake for a long time).

How does it happen?

It’s friction. You are pushing your car’s accelerator to speed it up, but you are also (even if mildly and by mistake) pulling your car’s brakes to slow it down.

This wears down the brakes. If you have developed this habit, kindly unlearn this.

3. Forgetting to Use The Turning Indicators

A recent report says that a large number of road accidents occur because the drivers have failed to use the turn signals.

Undoubtedly, this is the riskiest mistake that you can make on the road.

If you are about to take the next right or left, the people driving or riding behind you must know it. This will prepare them to make way for you and stay on the side opposite to where you are going to turn.

It’s also important to use turning indicators when you are overtaking a vehicle or changing lanes.

These are the basics that you must always follow.

4. Revving Way too Much

Admittedly, there are times when you may want to bring the most power out of your car’s engine.

At those times, you may insist on the RPM and may even redline it. But, remember, it’s not the healthiest practice at all times.

First of all, if you have just started driving, driving at high speeds may not be safe. Secondly, when you rev too much, you may end up overheating your car. When repeated carelessly, this may be harmful to your engine in the long run.

Also, it’s crucial to note that you should only use the best and most qualified spare parts for your car. You can visit this website to check out great deals for when you may need part replacements.

That apart, other mistakes such as not wearing a seatbelt can be extremely dangerous for your safety. Don’t take the risk.

Moving further, we hope you found this post useful.

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