/Versatile All-Terrain Cars/Vehicles with Incredible Designs

Versatile All-Terrain Cars/Vehicles with Incredible Designs

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All-Terrain Cars/Vehicles (ATV’s), are vehicles designed to handle a wide variety of terrains. They are also known by the names quad, quadricycle, four-wheeler, four-track and in some cases, three-wheeler. These incredible cars let you go wherever you want, whenever and are designed to let the adventurer in you come out.

BVS10 Beowulf All-Terrain Tracked Vehicle

The Swedish ATV was designed for enhanced tactical and strategic mobility. It is very efficient yet spacious. It provides optimum crew comfort as well as easy transport over long distances by air or sea. The Swedish Army purchased 10 of these vehicles for the hefty price of $14 million.

Ripsaw EV2

This ATV was designed for extreme off-road travel and is considered to be possibly the fastest dual tracked vehicle currently on the market. This vehicle has a military-grade based platform and has been known to reach speeds upwards of 60 mph. This light vehicle has a starting cost of $400,000 and is worth investing in.

Shaman Eight Wheel All-Terrain Vehicle

This eight wheel drive is an off road vehicle and perfect for the more challenging adventures. The Shaman has a wide range of different modes that allow it to do everything from climbing and rolling to floating.

In water, its top speed is 1.3 mph and 44 mph on land. The base rate for this vehicle is $200,000. If you won a jackpot from best casino games, also known as meilleur jeu casino in French, you can afford it.

Sherp ATV

The sherp is off-track and for even made for the most difficult terrain. What makes this vehicle perfect for long trips and more adventurous journeys is that it is designed to be easily repaired with a few tools. Moreover only minimal knowledge required.

Gibbs Terraquad

Here is an ATV that is a beast on land and water. On land it can reach speeds of approximately 50 mph. However it is most impressive in the water. It is equipped with a water jet that propels the vehicle forward in the water at high speeds of 45 mph.

It provides seating for two people, as well as a small bed. It can be purchased for the high price of $40,000.

The mentioned cars can be a good investment for high rollers real money casino gamblers who have a great taste in cars.

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