/5 Industrial Robots That Will Level up Your Pit Crew

5 Industrial Robots That Will Level up Your Pit Crew

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Auto racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is also one of the most dangerous sports in the world: imagine thousand-pound cars racing one another at a hundred miles per hour. The margin of error is very low, and one slight mistake can mean life-threatening collisions. This is why pit crews are essential. They are tasked with making sure that the cars are in top condition.

However, human pit crews have limitations, and even the best ones are prone to human error. This is where industrial robots come in handy. They are extremely efficient and can provide great support for the pit crew. There are many types of robots, so you will have to be as discerning as possible when choosing the best one for your set up, since you can get robots for many uses now a days there are even robots for kids to play with, and you can get options like the best arduino robot kits so they can start to learn about this subject. Here are 5 Industrial robots that will level up your pit crew.

1.  Articulate Robot Arms

Articulate robots are well-suited for pit duty because they have the necessary flexibility and dexterity to help the pit crew. These types of robots can be customized to fit the needs of the moment. The car needs its tire changed? The articulate robot can handle it with ease. The same goes for loosening screws, drilling, and welding.

All you need to do is attach custom tools to the robot arms, and program them to do a specific task, and they can accomplish it with ease. Think of the articulate robot arm, as a jack of all trades of pit crew robots.

2.  Tire Changing Robots

One of the main tasks of a pit crew member is to change the tires. This ensures that the race car is in top form, and can go for more laps.

This is usually done during pits stops, and these breaks usually last for a few seconds and the race car will need to go back into action. Loosening the lug nuts in a race car can be tough because they are extremely tight.

The pit crew usually uses the air gun to loosen the lug nuts, and then they roll in the tire and change it. They usually do it in a matter of seconds. However, there will be times where the pit crews are needed for more immediate emergencies. This is where tire changing robots come in handy.

They are specially customized robots that specialize in changing tires with incredible efficiency and speed. These types of robots are usually two-armed and attached to a mobile platform. The robot is installed with an air gun to easily loosen the lug nuts and can change the tire in record time.

3.  Welding Robot

During a pit stop, the car could have cracked its front fender, and there is no time to replace it during pit stops.

So the pit crew will have to get their welding masks on and weld it back into shape. However, there are places that the pit crew members can’t reach. Time is of the essence and the damage needs to be fixed.

This is where welding robots come in very handy. Welding robots are usually made up of robot arms with a welding gun attached to the end. In a pit crew application, they will need to be attached to a wheeled platform and should be a lot lighter and lower, to be able to reach tight areas in the car. For those who probably can’t afford a welding robot, check out this Plasma Cutting Equipment for rent that is well-developed for your welding needs.

Welding robots are very useful during pit stops and are perfect for quick fixes.  If you are interested in acquiring a low-cost welding robot for your pit crew, then EVS has the best selection for you.

4.  Fire Extinguisher Robots

Whether you are racing in the F1-Grand Prix or the Tallageda races, there is the possibility that your car can overheat and catch fire. It is during times like these that your pit crew should be as vigilant as possible. Fire spreads very fast, and in a car filled with gasoline, it becomes a deadly combination. This is why your crew should always have a fire extinguisher at the ready.

However, there will be times where the blaze is too strong and your pit crew cannot get anywhere near the car without putting themselves in danger.

This is where fire extinguisher robots are crucial. These types of robots are extremely advanced, and they were first made for fire rescue operations. They are designed to go where the fireman cannot. In this instance, these robots are made for situations the normal pit crew member cannot.

The robot has a high-powered industrial hose. What Are the Most Important Uses for Industrial Hoses? It sprays fire-extinguisher fluid, and is attached to a fortified wheeled platform that will allow it to get through heavy debris. It’s the best feature though, is the fact that it is installed with temperature sensors. So it can be set in stand by mode during most of the race, but once it senses high temperatures, it will activate and go directly for the source of the fire. Having this innovative robot will surely make the pit stops a safer place.

5.  Refueling Robot

During races, these cars go through an unprecedented amount of fuel. This means that they will have to constantly refuel. This is a primary role for pit crew members. However, lugging around a very long and heavy gas hose can take too much time.

This is where refueling robots could make a difference. The pit crew will no longer have to lug around a gas hose. The refueling robot will already have one attached to its arm, and it can refuel the car with incredible efficiency.


Industrial robots are not really a common sight in pit crews. Some racing events do not even allow their usage. However, it is a fact that they are extremely effective. They can practically do all of the things that human pit crew members can do.

So if racing events want to make their pit stops more effective and safe for all participants involved, they should really think about incorporating industrial robots into pit stops.

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