/Common Problems with Forklift Parts And How To Deal With Them

Common Problems with Forklift Parts And How To Deal With Them

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Worksites, including factories and warehouses, witness continuous movements of forklifts lifting weight and carrying them around. With repetitive use, forklifts, like any other vehicle, become susceptible to wear and tear. If not serviced on time, they tend to break down, delaying operations and costing you time and money. So before you look for a lift truck for sale, consider these tips on how to take good care of forklifts.

Hence, you need to recognize the problems early while they are still relatively easy and cheaper to fix. To help you out, we have compiled a list of common forklifts problems and their solutions, like these overhead crane led lights at Forklift Safety Solutions. Take a look.

It is very important to know how to handle lifting and rigging equipment  because often this needs to be operated by the driver of the forklift.

Mast Problems

The mast is the component that controls the lifting mechanism such as lifting, tilting, and lowering of the forklift. The entire mechanism works on the hydraulic system, and any problem with the mast indicates a problem with the hydraulic system. You can look for a Custom Hydraulic Fabrication service for your hydraulic parts needs,

Any issue with the mast manifests as awkward lifting and lowering of the weight, slow movement of the mast, and random jerks while lifting and lowering the mast.

How to Deal with it: If you witness any of these problems, check the fluid levels in the hydraulic system. More often than not, low fluid levels lead to such problems.  Inspect the cylinder for leaks. If you notice any leaks, replace the defective parts like oil seals and oil filters.

If the oil seems fine, check forklift chains and replace the parts that need replacement.

Steering  Problems

As forklifts work in a constricted workspace, steering them is often very difficult. Furthermore, continuous usage of the steering makes them vulnerable to wear and tear.

Improper functioning of the steering can be due to several reasons like worn-out gears, loose or worn-out pressure valves, misaligned tires, or low steering fluid transmission, due to which the steering wheel fails to operate swiftly.

If you experience restrictive steering movements, it hints to problems with the hydraulic system that regulates steering pressure. Meanwhile, if you hear strange noises while turning the vehicle, it can be due to rusting in the steering mechanism.

How to Deal with it:  If low steering fluid transmission is causing problems in steering, top it off. If the fluid is dirty and thick, change it. Rusted steering mechanism calls for rust extermination using rust removal fluids.

Other problems with the hydraulic system or worn-out gears require expert intervention.

Tires and suspension Problems

The heavy load carried on the forklift can wreak havoc on its tires and suspension over time. Using a forklift with worn-out tires and faulty suspension can lead to serious stability issues and result in accidents.

How to Deal with it:  The best way to avoid problems with tires and suspension is regular servicing of the vehicle.

Engine Problems

Debris lodged inside the radiator blocks the ports leading to overheating of the engine. This is perhaps the most common problem that arises in forklifts over time.

How to Deal with it:  Check the radiator ports for dirt or caked mud. If you see debris, hose it down. If the problem persists, call a professional and get the port checked. Corroded ports also prevent coolant and water from circulating and hence, cause overheating of the engine.

Forklift Transmission Problems

Forklift transmission converts power and drives the machine. It works with the clutch to facilitate the transition between gears. It can be hydrostatic, dynamic, or electrical.

The hydrostatic transmission problems are usually associated with extreme weather conditions, whereas clogged or damaged seals cause problems in hydrodynamic transmission. Problems with electrical transmission arise due to failure in electrical components.

How to Deal with it: The most effective solution is to get the transmission replaced.


Forklifts are one of the most important industrial vehicles, you can check out forklift hire Manchester if you need one. Even a minor issue in their functioning can create chaos at the worksite. Any overlooked issue can cause serious injuries to the operator, as well as workers in the proximity of the vehicle. If you have an issue with your forklift batteries, Texas Motive Solutions can offer a vast inventory of refurbished batteries for sale and rental. Keep a check on your forklift, spot these common problems in their early stages, and deal with them promptly to avoid unnecessary damages and injuries and prolong its life.

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