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Do I need separate glasses for driving?

driving glasses at Do I need separate glasses for driving?

Globally, there are laws that state anybody who requires the use of glasses or contact lenses for normal everyday activities must wear them while driving. Aside from these obvious laws found in many countries, the fact is that you aren’t exactly going to set off in a vehicle if your vision is blurred. So, we’ll begin by assuming that drivers who need glasses do indeed wear their glasses while driving. Simple. The question is whether you should invest in a separate pair of glasses specifically for use while driving. If you are in the market for replacement or additional glasses for any reason, check out the huge range at EyeBuyDirect for inspiration.

Otherwise, let’s get going with why you might want to think about investing in a dedicated pair of driving glasses, in case that you have any question you can consult with optometrists in Calgary.

Convenience is king (and queen)

Keeping a separate pair of driving glasses in the car means never getting to the point where you’ve walked to your car, unlocked the door, taken your seat and clicked your seatbelt into place, only to realise that you’re going to have to go back into the house or the office to collect your glasses. This is a common cause of annoyance for glasses wearers, and that’s why having a pair of driving glasses stowed away in the glove box or tucked inside the door storage is a great idea – just remember to put them back when you leave the car, or else you’ll have a collection of glasses indoors and none in the car!

Light-adaptive lenses

Light-adaptive lenses (or photochromic lenses) are worth their weight in gold. For anybody who isn’t 100% familiar with this style of lens, the basic principle is that the lens is equipped with the ability to darken upon contact with certain intensities of sunlight, meaning you don’t have to switch to sunglasses when the sun comes out. You can buy prescription glasses online specifically made for driving at Specsfair. This is an especially useful trick when driving, because not only does the low sun in autumn/spring tend to come out of nowhere and blind you whenever you go round a bend or turn a corner, but it’s much safer not to have to fumble for shades or have to divert your  attention to bring down the sun visor in your car.

Lighter weight frames

Nobody enjoys the red marks left on their nose after a few hours of wearing their glasses. They itch and they feel sore. The same can be said of the effect that the arms of the glasses may have on the sides of the head and on the tops of the ears. What you need is to switch to lightweight frames wherever possible. These womens tortoiseshell glasses are great for wearing for an extended period of time. Driving is one example of where you can switch to lightweight frames, giving the bridge of your nose and your ears a rest from your potentially heavier designer frames that you may prefer for the office or for socializing. For those who live in uk we recommend you virtual try on glasses in UK to find the best ones for you.

So, there we have it. Driving glasses are convenient, they can offer the dual functionality of sunglasses, and you can choose lighter weight frames for comfort.

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