/How To Get The Most Cash For Your Used Car

How To Get The Most Cash For Your Used Car

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The used car market took quite a hit early in 2020 as sales volume and prices plunged. This was bad news for anyone who needed to sell their vehicle during that time. While new car sales are still down, used car sales and prices have begun to bounce back. While used car prices have started to show some signs of a slow recovery, it is still imperative that you do everything possible to get the most cash for your vehicle. Here are some ways you can get the most money for your used car.

Get It Detailed

If you want people to pay top dollar for your vehicle, then it has to look the part. Give it a wash, wax, and detail. Thoroughly clean and vacuum the interior. Shampoo the carpets, and in fact if possible go to ecocleansolutions.ie and hire professionals to assist you. In many cases, it is well worth the money to hire a professional detailer to clean your vehicle. You can usually recoup the money you spend on the cleaning because you will be able to raise your asking price for an immaculate vehicle.

According to Number1Plates, “The overall condition of your car is one of the biggest factors in determining value. Visible damage will obviously lower your vehicle’s value, but even minor issues – like torn leather interiors – play an important role.

Not only does an exceptionally clean car demand a higher asking price, but it also makes potential buyers more comfortable during the current pandemic. People are much more hesitant to get inside or test drive a stranger’s car today, especially if it is not clean.

Fix Any Problems

In order to get the full cash value for your car, you will want to make sure that it has no major mechanical problems. This includes things like a check engine light or any other noticeable problems. Nobody wants to buy a vehicle that they know will cost them money to fix right off the bat. Many buyers will have the car inspected by a mechanic before purchase, so this will likely uncover any obvious issues. So, you might as well go ahead and fix any problems that you know about so that they will not scare away potential buyers.

In some cases, your car might have really big problems. Maybe it doesn’t even run, but you still need to get some money for it. That is OK because there are ways that you can sell your car even if it doesn’t run. Today you can find nationwide car buyers who will pay cash for your car regardless of its condition – this even includes cars that won’t run. This can be a great option for someone needing to sell a car in less than stellar condition but still needing some cash in their pocket.

Highlight Your Car’s Features

Advertise your vehicle in a manner that highlights its strong points. Know the target market and who would want a car like yours. Make sure that your advertising messaging aligns with your potential buyers and sounds like something that would make them want to buy a car like yours. Also, consider creative ways to highlight your car’s features so that they can see what your car offers without having to physically test drive it.

Consider offering a virtual test drive or video walkthrough. This could be easily filmed with a cell phone and placed into an online advertisement. Film yourself walking around the vehicle and then showing off the features inside. You could even demonstrate how things work or go for a drive in the vehicle. This virtual test drive can give potential buyers the feeling that they are in the car and is a great way to show off the car without the need for an in-person showing.


Through good research and proper planning, you can get top dollar for your used car. This will let you put the most cash possible in your pocket. Even if your car doesn’t run, there are still ways that you can sell your vehicle. You can use the money you make to put toward a new ride and cruise around town in style. Good luck in selling your car!

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