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Scale Model Cars – The Real Big Boys Toys

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Although some would categorize scale model cars as toys, for many a petrolhead they are precious collectibles that warrant the same knowledge and dedication as collecting wine, or paintings, or any other highfalutin item. It is serious business.

A common trait of all car guys is a big love and appreciation for automotive aesthetics. That is why we all love miniature cars – because they enable us to enjoy the look and design of the cars we have always wanted but could never afford. Thanks to the magic of scale model cars you can have your dream garage, only in a much smaller scale. But let’s be honest, even those lucky few who get to own the real things rarely ever drive them. For the most part, they keep those cars locked away in secure garages, and just ogle them from time to time, drinking in the beauty of the design and the delicacy of the proportions. And you can do that just as well with replica cars.

But despite what it may seem like on the surface, scale model cars are more than just a hobby to the aficionados, even those who gamble or play bingo for real money. A real collector of, say, Porsche model cars, usually collects the replicas in the correct chronological order and displays them as such. And that, the display, is a huge part of the whole experience. So the display would be based not only on model-year but also class and category. A real aficionado would never put a Macan replica next to a finely crafted model of a 356 Speedster. That would be akin to blasphemy!

Choosing the right model car comes down to the fine details. Of course, going with our Porsche example, it would take a real Porsche expert to notice the difference between a medium quality replica and a really top-shelf one – how loyal it is to the real thing and how correct is the color code and stuff like that. But if you are buying yours from a reputable brand, you won’t have to worry about that too much. In terms of material, going with scale model cars in resin is your best bet considering the cost and the quality.

Scale model cars can be works of art and appreciating assets, being collectibles. As with all other collections though, it’s a labor of love.

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