/Get the best bike oil in India. Here’s how!

Get the best bike oil in India. Here’s how!

oil 600x400 at Get the best bike oil in India. Heres how!

When it comes to taking good care of your bike, choosing the right type of engine, oil becomes imperative. But there is always a fuss about what kind of engine oil is right for your bike. So, what is the right type of oil for your engine? Let’s find out.

#1 Understanding the Types of Engine Oil

When deciding bike oil, the types of oils available is the first thing you should be considering. So, let’s understand the kind of bike oils there are available –

  • Mineral Oil

While this bike oil lacks substances, it is the most affordable option. If you have a new engine, then this oil can offer strong protection for the first couple of miles, especially if you have small engine capacities. The core structure of mineral oils protects the molecules from sticking together under harsh conditions. This impacts efficiency, and you will have to change the oil more frequently.

  • Synthetic Oil

If you have a 200-cc engine or higher, then you should consider synthetic oil for your bike due to their low viscosity index. Contrary to mineral oils, this type of oil is manufactured in labs and uses mineral oil as one of the additives. Synthetic oil works excellently when under high stress as they are extremely lubricating and resistant to high temperatures.

Moreover, synthetic oils last longer and offer stronger engine protection. So, if you are someone who lives in regions with extreme temperature conditions or burns through a fuel tank in a single day, then this is the bike oil you should be considering. While they are quite expensive, the kind of benefits these oils have made the price worthwhile.

  • Semi-Synthetic Oil

This type of bike oil offers a perfect balance between mineral oil and synthetic oil. The versatility of these types of oils can allow the engine to run smoothly for a longer time period. Generally, these oils contain 30% of the chemically induced content to assist your bike to operate efficiently and offer small bursts of adventurous riding. The core technology of semi-synthetic oil has witnessed improvements over the years. If you have engine capacity ranging between 125cc and 180cc, replacing the mineral oil with semi-synthetic oil can be a smarter option.

#2 Engine Oil Grades

The number printed on the oil cans combining letters and numbers denote temperature indicators. The W in those numbers represents winter and the number prior to this letter denotes viscosity index. The lower the figure, the better the engine oil would work in winters.

Moreover, the number that comes after the W represents the oil’s withstanding abilities. The higher that number is, the better the engine oil’s ability to operate at high temperatures.

  • Additives

Oil manufacturers nowadays include additives into their engine oils in order to neutralize the acidity and remove debris. They work with the oils to keep the engine lubricated and clean.

Final Thoughts

The kind of engine oil you choose for your bike can impact its life and longevity. Above are some core factors that you should consider when choosing your bike oil.

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