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How to Organize a Family RV Trip for The First Time?

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You might have heard a lot of exciting things about travelling in truck campers. The idea of having the freedom to go to your desired destinations whenever you want might thrill you much. But there also goes the overwhelming apprehensions at the back of your mind. With so many amazing things to experience, how are you going to pull it off with your family?

It can be a bit of a challenge to fit your whole family in an RV, but you will make it through with some planning and research. You probably don’t know yet how and where to start. And it’s no accident you’re reading this while you’re trying to figure out what to do or if you’re looking at park models to build your own rv park for families just like yours planning a trip.

And when you’re getting the things you need, be sure to check out the expert camper store.

To help you get started, we’ve highlighted some essential points on how to organize a family RV trip for the first time. Read on and take some notes if it helps.

Decide On Your Ride

Before you do the planning, the first thing you should have in mind is the RV. There are many types of RVs, but can be mainly categorized into motorhomes and travel trailers. When deciding on the type of RV, space is just one among the factors you need to consider. How many family members do you need to fit and sleep in the RV?

The motorhome may be a great option for several reasons, but only if you have to accommodate about two people. If you have a family, a travel trailer might be more suitable when it comes to space and budget. But take note that each type of RV may differ in size, price and amenities. And it all depends on your preferences and resources.

It’s only vital that you go for something that will fit on your budget without compromising both comfort and convenience. The family won’t fully enjoy the trip if they miss such benefits.

Another essential factor you have to decide is whether you’re renting or buying an RV. If you’re planning to buy, you can check out different financing programs, such as My Financing USA motorhome loans, or you can look for any reliable RV rental agencies. It’s worth noting that most first-time RVers prefer to rent a motorhome to ensure they like the whole RV experience. You can visit sites like www.billeadsrv.com/new-rvs-for-sale/ to find the perfect ride.

Before you hit the road make you that you have read this article that teaches you How to Charge an RV Battery with a Generator in 9 Simple Steps so if something happens in the road you will be prepared.

Choose Your Destination

Once you’ve decided on your RV, it’s time to choose your destination. With many amazing sites to see, you might not be able to experience it all on your first trip. Thus, it would be best to specify the places you want to go to. Prioritize the ones that you think will be best for family bonding and recreation. I highly suggest checking out the top Idaho ski resorts.

You might want to consider, though, trying out campgrounds that are close to your home. It’s not to limit your destination but to help you gain confidence as you learn how to get used to your newly bought or rented rig. But if you think you’re ready, you can go as far as you want.

Researching about the Motorhome Resort you chose will be more beneficial too. It will help you set reasonable expectations on your trip and guide you better on your decision making. Remember to consider what the family wants, but you need to take charge as a lead travel planner to come up with an informed decision.

Prepare A Budget Plan

It’s vital to prepare a budget plan to further your plans. Of course, you would need the money to go on an RV trip. Once you have figured out the type of RV, whether you’re renting or buying and the desired locations, you now have a picture of how much money you’ll be needing.

The budget is an essential component in planning, and it usually comes first. But it’s hard to come up with a budget plan if you don’t know what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going. You can make adjustments on your original plan if it doesn’t match your budget.

For instance, you’ve decided to buy a motorhome, but it turned out your budget can only afford an RV rental. Or you’ve wanted to go to distant locations, yet you only have enough money to cover the nearby ones. You have the freedom to modify your plans based on your resources.

To give you heads-up, the three most expensive items you might have to consider for an RV trip are food, gas, and campground fees. They can vary greatly, though, on the type of trip you’re planning. But your RV’s mileage is worth considering so you can plan a route that doesn’t hurt your budget.

Keep in mind that driving across the country doesn’t equate to a fantastic adventure. You can consider a campground budget then have extra money to spend on RV parks at one stop and make that up for with some state park camping. Some RVers save money by pulling up in free RV parking lots overnight. If you dream of having your own RV park, you can contact an RV park broker to discuss how you can purchase one.

Plan Your Activities

Having planned out activities is also crucial to set your first RV trip successful. These activities are not only exclusive when you’re on the camp site but also while you are on the road.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with outdoor adventures like rafting trips along the waters of the delaware river tubing tour, that you might overlook the indoor activities. Take note that every minute in your RV trip counts and you would not want to miss a memorable family bonding while on the road. A well-thought-out array of activities can help set the mood of every family member.

By doing this, you and your family would look forward more on your first RV trip together. It will encourage everyone to take part in making the most of your travel.

Start Now

It’s never too early to do your planning, and the only way to make your family RV trip possible is to start organizing now. There’s no perfect time to do it so just start picking your RV, choosing your destinations, preparing your budget and planning your activities now. A search for the Best RV resort in the nation probably leads you to Magnolia Texas.

The earlier you set your plan, the better you’ll be able to prepare. Note that the best state and national park campsites are usually booked months in advance. Thus, you would need to make reservations ahead of time if you want to get the spot that you want.


Travelling in an RV can be quite overwhelming, and it is more so for first-timers. That’s why it’s essential to take the planning seriously before getting yourself and your family on an RV trip. It won’t be much fun if you encounter unnecessary troubles along the way. After all, the point of travelling is to enjoy the whole RV experience.

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