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How to Ship Your Motorcycle to Another State

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Are you a bike owner? Are you relocating, going for an extended vacation, or attending a bike rally on the opposite coast? If your answer is yes, you may be wondering how to ship your bike in the most cost-efficient way.

While some motorcyclists might insist on riding to their final destination in the interest of savings, this transportation method can waste precious financial resources along with your time. Unless you’re traveling a relatively short distance, riding your bike miles away isn’t prudent. It is not only cumbersome but impractical, especially if permanently relocating. A move consists of seemingly innumerable moving parts: house shopping, packing, shipping, paying moving teams, unpacking, etc. Don’t add extra responsibilities to your plate by opting for self-transportation.

What other options do you have? Read on.

There are various options for shipping your motorcycle to its final destination. You could use a train, a plane, a ship, or a truck. Regardless of your transportation method, hiring an auto transport company is the best decision you could make. Shipping companies like Guardian Auto Transport (www.guardianautotransport.com) ensure your bike arrives at your new destination damage-free and on time.

Before beginning the shipping process, you’ll need to review the following tips for motorcycle shipment. Otherwise, you risk incurring unnecessary or unexpected costs along your journey.

Avoid riding it

Your bike comes in handy when moving from point A to B. With this in mind, you might be wondering why riding your motorcycle from one state to another isn’t the best or the most cost-efficient method. After all, nothing matches the adrenaline rush of cruising in the open road. Exciting as it sounds, it is not a good idea in terms of savings or time-efficiency.

Riding your bike over a long distance adds wear and tear to your precious possession. It’s also exhausting and unsafe for the rider, especially if you’re relocating to a state thousands of miles away from home base. Again, your motorcycle isn’t engineered to withstand hundreds or thousands of miles in a single trip.

Besides preserving your bike’s condition, why would you waste hours of your precious time when you can recruit a reputable auto transport company? Don’t accelerate the wear and tear of your vintage or stunt bike unnecessarily. To extend its lifespan, venture out on long-distance trips sparingly. You should contact movers Brampton instead to transport it.

Choose the right shipping company

Now that you know you’ll need a shipping company to ship your motorcycle safely, here are the steps you’ll need to take and the factors you’ll need to consider when choosing a shipping provider. And if you’re looking for a reliable moving service that will pack your belongings and set up all the items at your new residence, you can check out Sky Van Lines. read more at their website to know about their services.


Conduct some basic research before settling on a shipping company. Visit their site to see whether they offer specialized motorcycle shipping services. You could also consider some referrals from friends, as they’ve had firsthand experience with the company and are familiar with their customer satisfaction policy.


The company of your choice should have extensive experience in handling shipping. You don’t want to gamble with your motorcycle’s well-being by handing it over to rookies. Quickly scan the online reviews to get some insights into the company.


Understand the insurance coverage offered by the shipping company of your choice. If their insurance policy, designed to cover damage sustained during shipment, isn’t as comprehensive as you hoped, ask your company to increase it. Even though this comes at an extra cost, it is worth the added peace of mind.


Compare multiple shipping quotes from different providers to ensure you score the best price possible. Remember, the lowest quote won’t always yield the best results. Some shipping companies cut corners and offer substandard services at ridiculously low prices.

Before purchase, be sure to ask the company about any additional or hidden costs associated with motorcycle shipping. If you’re trying to adhere to budget, it doesn’t hurt to ask if there are any discounts or promotions they can offer you.

Prepare your motorcycle

Before your motorcycle is delivered, wash it, and document any substantial damages. Take photos of your bike from different angles to ensure you’ve captured its condition adequately. To avoid inconveniencing your shipping provider, deactivate any alarms if installed with one. Also, remove any personal belongings. If your motorcycle is being shipped in a crate, drain any excess gas, remove the battery, and put the gear in neutral.

Once you settle on the company of choice, you’ll need to ask some vital questions. What mode of delivery will they use? How long will it take to ship? Where and when will they pick my bike? A credible and reliable company should provide as much information as possible to maintain a sense of transparency with its customers.

Note that you can ship your bike in an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. Request an estimate of the cost of both options. If they differ tremendously, opt for the cheaper, open-carrier alternative. If they’re relatively similar in price, consider investing in enclosed-carrier shipping for optimal safety. For pick-up and drop off, choose timelines that align with your availability. As for the duration of shipping, this will vary depending on the total distance.

For peace of mind, your shipping company should provide you with shipping details so that you can track your bike throughout its journey. Because a motorcycle ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 on average, you won’t want to expose your investment to rock chips or weather damage.

Is it safe to ship my bike?

Moving your bike is a delicate matter. Trusting a stranger with the responsibility of handling transport can lend to anxiety. However, this shipping process doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing if you leave it in the hands of a reliable and trustworthy shipping company. Whether you are going for a vacation, relocating permanently, or attending a bike event, trust professional auto transport companies to oversee shipment.

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