/The Complete Greece Packing List for Your Summer Trip (and don’t forget to rent a car…)

The Complete Greece Packing List for Your Summer Trip (and don’t forget to rent a car…)

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For many of us packing for a trip far from can prove truly challenging. When it comes to packing for a Greek summer, things are fairly straightforward, even when you wanna rent a car to drive around. Sunglasses, hat, swimsuit, a few light clothes, and definitely, a pair or two of comfortable walking shoes, and you’re done and ready!  However, if you’re heading to Greece this year, it’s always a good idea to come up with a super-detailed list to make sure everything goes as planned. What to avoid? Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can positively do today – translates in, don’t leave your packing organization to the last minute. Have your list always at hand and be ready for an unforgettable holiday in Greece.

Packing for experience in Greece is quite an easy task. Contrary to what you might have read, it’s not that difficult for you to find anything you might need almost anywhere in Athens and some in other largest cities, especially on the mainland. With that said, if your itinerary happens to be on a few off-the-track destinations, or if you are going to some of the more petite islands, all the essentials you might need could not be accessible. And here’s where a list comes in handy- including all the essential items you might want for a trouble-free holiday in Greece.

Greece Essentials

#1 Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

This nifty little USB charger can be a genuine life savior. From our views, there is nothing worse than a smartphone running out of battery in the middle of a crisis, losing GPS, and then not having the smallest idea how to get back to the hotel or your next activity. What to look for in a portable power bank? 

Your power bank is meant to be portable, otherwise, what’s the point. With that said, the physical weight and size of it will be vital factors in considering which is good enough for you.

Your new portable charger should be able to fit smoothly in the same space as your cell phone, if not, you will have one in your pocket while carrying the other in your hand, which is not cool at all. Make sure you look for one that will fit properly in your purse, pocket, or backpack.

#2 Packing cubes

Packing cubes are excellent for when you try to keep everything compact and organized so that you can fit more into a smaller backpack. Packing cubes also allow you much easier access to your stuff, so you don’t need to dig around for minutes in your backpack to find what you’re looking for. Why packing cubes? Because you get to save a lot of time and space. Packing cubes are there to organize the contents of your luggage, creating space, and compressing clothes together.

The thing is, when you’re shoving your life inside smaller luggage, you will need to save room where you can – therefore, packing cubes are one of the best options to do that.

But if you’re still seeing packing cubes as a total waste of time, we should mention that these well-designed things do packing and unpacking more hassle-free.

#3 Shoes and Sandals

Travel sandals: Depending on what activities you will do in Greece. If you’re just going to be walking around the cities, looking for Birkenstocks on sale should be a top priority. They’re perfect for long days at the beach, spa/pool, or staying in a hostel.

Comfortable, yet cute sneakers: At this point, running shoes are ideal for a day of heavy sightseeing. We strongly recommend a stylish pair of sports sneakers, something like a black pair of Nikes running shoes, for your busiest city days and active days. If you prefer other slick footwear, you can definitely take a look online for nike release dates.

Ankle boots: Rain won’t be ever-present during summer in Greece, however that doesn’t mean you won’t have to be ready for it. Make sure you pack a water-resistant pair of simple or ankle boots for when the rain comes, the weather gets colder, or you simply plan on going out at night with a more dressed-up choice. With the advent of modern technology, apps like Flyp would allow you to sell your own clothes online in order for you to earn some quick cash without the additional stress.

#4 Virtual Private Network

Gone are the days where holiday time means logging off at the office and shutting off communication with the outside world while you travel.

With the internet being so easy to access while traveling, remaining in constant communication is imperative for those who plan to work remotely. Whether a vacation, a business trip, or traveling long term, you will definitely be needing to access the internet while on the go – be it to check a few posts on social media, a few emails, book a flight or find a proper Airbnb.

But since there are many risks involved in the use of the internet, there is always a good idea to use a VPN while on the go. Number one reason? Safety and security. In order to protect their citizens, many governments, including Canada and the US, have issued a series of safety precautions involving the use of public WIFI. And they have plenty of reasons to do so. Visit https://indexsy.com/best-vpn-australia/ for a list of the best VPNs to choose from.

Tourists or remote workers often overlook the fact that logging in to free public WIFI can open them up to hackers being able to steal data.

When you don’t need to pass a password or a log name to connect to the WIFI in your hotel, that’s a clear-as-day sign that is unsecured. Your data, as well as all your passwords, will be free for theft- let alone banking information, emails sent, credit card details and logging passwords used. If you plan on using a VPN, however, it means that all of your data will be encrypted, making it impractical to any cybercriminal.

Above comfortable shoes and clothes, extra cords, a reliable VPN provider, you should include a specific adapter that will ensure all your devices are charged at least 70% of the time. As you probably know, Greece uses plugs that have only two round pins and with two earth clips on the side. So an adapter will prove more than necessary in such circumstances.

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