/Driving Safely: 8 Vital Tips To Make Your Vehicle In Top Shape

Driving Safely: 8 Vital Tips To Make Your Vehicle In Top Shape

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Most people own a car for their transportation to use for their work, family vacation, and another purpose in our daily routine. Owning a vehicle needs a lot of effort to maintain it’s good shape.

You need the basic knowledge for car maintenance to avoid a problem that might bring you a headache. Proper maintenance would allow you to have better car performance. Of course, better car performance means that you drive safer for you, your family, and the people around your car.

Any reliable and trustworthy driving instructor will tell you that driving without checking your car properly is dangerous. If you’re in Yarraville or somewhere nearby, try looking for the best driving instructor Yarraville has to offer. With that said, here are some excellent tips that would help maintain your car and have its best performance and maintain its good shape when in use.


It’s always basic knowledge to check your tires before driving off. You need to keep your car in good condition to handle safely. Checking your tires makes sure that your car is safe to use. You need to check your tire pressure at least twice a week. You need to check the tire pressure at the right PSI to avoid any accident along the way.

Regularly checking your tire pressure can also help you save up. It can also reduce gas consumption if you have the right tire pressure. If you have a flat tire, the car needs more power to increase gas consumption and can put you in a dangerous situation.

Engine Oil

Every car engine needs clean oil to function properly. You have to make sure that your engine oil levels are in good condition. Try checking your oil levels at least once a week. Not only that, checking your oil can also tell you the oil’s quality. If you see any impurities or anything starting to form, it’s a good sign to change your oil. For better performance and good shape of your car, you need to change your engine oil when you reach 5000km of daily use.


One of the most crucial for vehicle parts is the brakes. You need to maintain the brake in top condition to avoid an accident that might cause your life and the life of your passengers. You need to check the brake pad and brake shoe every 3,000 miles of your driven vehicle. If you feel that when hitting the break and it won’t function, as usual, you need to check the braking system to ensure that the brake is in top condition.

To ensure your car’s good shape and performance, you also need to check your brake fluids at least once a week. Brake fluids maintain the efficiency of your break and your clutch if you have a manual transmission vehicle.

Make sure that you check your brakes all the time. Most of the time, accidents happen because of faulty brakes. Avoid dangerous situations and make sure that your car is in perfect shape.


To prevent your car from overheating the radiator, you need to check your car’s water or coolant every three days to maintain the right temperature for your radiator. If you let the coolant or water dry up, it will damage the radiator, leading to overheating and cause damage to your car.

Power Steering Fluid

To better control your power steering wheel, you need to check the transmission fluid at least once a week. You need to maintain the maximum level indicator of your power steering fluid, and you need to refill it before it reaches the minimum level of fluid for your power steering.

Spark Plugs

If you encounter a rough idle for your car, you need to check your car’s spark plug. Spark plug helps the car give the right energy current to maintain your car’s good shape. If you think your car lacks acceleration, engine surging, or high fuel consumption, you need to change the spark plug as it is one reason for your car’s current behavior.


One of the most important things to check your vehicle is the alternator. The function of the alternator is to charge your battery to avoid damaging your battery. If your alternator malfunctions, it will drain your battery, and your car won’t start as it used to.

If your car is old and doesn’t have a voltmeter in your dashboard, you can buy a portable voltmeter to check your battery’s charging. If your battery charging is around 11v or 12v while the air conditioner is currently used, then that is the sign that you need to change your vehicle’s alternator.


You need to casually check the headlight, indicator bulb, and brake light to ensure your safety and avoid an accident on the road. Before you hit the road, check all the indicators if it’s working and avoid using your car if your indicator bulb or brake bulb is not working as it may cause a disaster on the road.


You need to check your vehicle regularly to ensure your safety, your family, and those near you. You don’t need to be a car expert to maintain your car properly. If you’re not confident in your knowledge about your car’s condition, you can seek an expert to check your vehicle’s status. Making your vehicle in the top conditions means you care for your safety and the people around you.

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