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Electric Motorbike Safety Issues

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While you are on the road, no matter whether you are riding or walking, you have to always be cautious. With electric motorcycles, the main problem is this bike is noiseless, and unlike the classic one, it may not be heard by drivers and pedestrians on the road. So your main task is to stay focused and monitor the road. Motorcycle expert Max Farmer can help you with the rest of your problems.

What Is an Electric Motorcycle?

This is a dream come true for all green technology enthusiasts. It saves the planet while you travel as fast as you can. Forget about gas and oil. All you need is electric power that charges the vehicle in time. It runs on lithium-ion batteries. Zero Motorcycles company has introduced one already, and Harley Davidson is on the go.

Silent Problem

It looks like a classic motorcycle with a powerful engine inside, and it runs like it. New bikes accelerate up to 60 in 4 seconds. You will quickly get used to the electric motorcycle. The whole construction is reliable, safe, and powerful. So, why do many experienced bikers still want to buy classic models? The main attraction for citizens, the silent engine, may turn into a road accident for the driver. Other bikers, car drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians may simply not hear the upcoming motorbike.

The bike is not entirely soundless; it makes a quiet, whirring noise. However, it can’t be compared with the loud sounds of classic bikes. The exhaust system of many classic motorcycles can wake up not one but several houses nearby. And let’s be honest, we all know what to look for when we hear the roar around the corner. It is too loud and annoying, but everyone in this area is warned about the motorcycle.

This is how one of the main advantages, besides electric power and cut of harmful emissions in the air, has gone wrong. China has already tested electric bikes and even named them “silent killers”. If the rider does not notice the pedestrian and rides behind them, there is a small chance that the pedestrian will turn around and walk away.

News from Developers

Engineers who stand behind the creation of electrically powered motorcycles argue with these concerns. They claim that the noise from the exhaust pipe and accelerated speed will be more than enough to make the rider heard. The angle of the pipe increases the sound. They believe that both pedestrians and drivers will be aware of this bike on the road. Whether it is true or not, you will unlikely want to check it out.

Safety Measures

What can you actually do to make yourself visible or, better to say, audible for others? There are versatile recommendations bikers give to each other on forums. Here are the most beneficial:

  • Fit the loudspeaker in front of your bike and project sounds of the engine for people to know about you on the road;
  • Do not rely on pedestrians or other drivers anyway. You can’t predict people’s behavior, and whether they turn to see you or not;
  • If you notice someone on your way and you have a chance to come round, just do this. Don’t wait for others to hear your thoughts, notice you, and clear the road for you;
  • Whether you can on the radio or music, do it. This way, you will also warn other drivers around you;
  • Don’t ride too fast. Be ready for other vehicles to appear right in front of you literally from nowhere.

Other Problems That May Occur on the Road

Apart from the silent engine, there are several problems that have similarities with classic models. They happen rarely and can be prevented. Check them out:

  • The battery is on fire. Lithium batteries are combustible. However, this problem occurs usually with the home-built batteries and lack of proper treatment. This is why it is important to follow all the rules of safe battery installment. If you are doubtful about that, just go to the specialists;
  • Starting with too much acceleration. This problem may cause minor accidents, as you start from the low speed, but still be unpleasant. It can be totally avoided with proper care. Don’t apply the entire throttle till the bike is moving;
  • Disobey of traffic rules. It may cost your life. This is entirely your responsibility;
  • Age and bikes. Recent research has shown that elderly people risk more while riding an e-bike. It is related to the speed of reaction and vision. However, the same problem is common with any other bikes or cars. All you need is not to raise speed too much, stay focused, and respect other drivers around you. Keep in mind that e-bikes are faster than classic ones.

Electric Bikes: More Dangerous Than Classic?

They are not more or less dangerous. Both types of motorcycles simply have different risks each rider needs to take into consideration. However, high speed, slippery surface, poor visibility on the road are equally dangerous for both models. Yet, you can avoid these risks by being an adequate rider, stick to the common rules, and avoid problems on purpose.

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