/Making Money From Buying Used Catalysts: What You Should Know

Making Money From Buying Used Catalysts: What You Should Know

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A cat (catalytic converter) is a very important part of the exhaust system. Its function is cleaning gases from hazardous components and carcinogens. Taking into account at least the approximate number of only cars in the world (nearly 1 billion), we could have suffocated because of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, sulfur dioxide, and other toxic components of exhaust gases.

First vehicle catalysts were designed in the early 1970s to protect the health of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Then a cat became an indispensable element of vehicles all over the world. Even more, in most countries, it is illegal now to operate a car or any other vehicle without a catalyst. The only exception is made for old models, the design of which does not provide for a catalyst at all. But their total number is not considerable.

Why Catalysts Are So Expensive

Catalytic converters are used almost in all vehicles you see on roads. There is one more detail about cats why they receive special attention. Any catalyst is a pretty expensive device with a limited service life. The price of some new cats may exceed $1,500! Of course, there are cheaper variants too, especially if you are looking for a small car cat.

High prices can be easily explained by some content of precious metals known as PGMs: palladium, platinum, and rhodium. A new cat has a thicker layer of PGMs than an old one, but the remains are still considerable because they can be recovered from an old cat to be used for any purpose, for example, in the production of a new catalyst, computer board or jewelry.

How To Buy Used Catalyst Cheaper To Recover Platinum

Buying old cats at low prices for recovering precious metals can be a profitable business. But any used catalyst is kind of a surprise because you can’t know for sure how much metals you will extract from each particular device before you pay for it. By the way, it is absolutely possible to recover not only platinum, but palladium and rhodium too.

Looking for old catalysts at low prices is quite a difficult task. It is much easier to monitor interesting offers online and make good deals. If you are looking for a reliable website, follow the link https://autocatalystmarket.com/ — catalyst volkswagen showing true prices of used branded catalysts. All cats are proven, that’s why the prices are fully reasonable.

How Much Precious Metals Can Be Recovered

The amount of precious metals recovered from an old catalyst depends on many factors, such as vehicle type, motor type, origin, age, etc.

Remember, that more PGMs can be extracted from SUV or large-engine track cats (up to 30 g or 1,05 oz). A car cat may bring only up to 6 g (0,21 oz) of precious metals in total.

By the way, if you are interested in extracting palladium, you should look for gasoline engine vehicle cats. Cats designed for vehicles with diesel motors are typically cheaper since they use only two types of PGMs, namely, platinum and rhodium.

German and Japanese catalysts are more desirable due to thicker PGM coating. And the last price-forming factor is the age of a catalyst. This device has a limited service life not for nothing. The longer a catalyst is in use, the less precious metals it contains. It means that an old device cleans exhaust gases less effectively than before and you can recover less amount of precious materials from it.

The best deal for you is a used damaged or clogged catalyst that can be no longer operated as implied. There are many such cats on AutoCatalystMarket. Follow the link above and don’t miss the best cats!

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