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The Art of Buying a Used Car

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The internet has made the entire process of buying a car used or new an enjoyable experience. To begin with, the net allows you to become well informed about the latest trends in the used car market. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with an annoying car salesman right from the beginning. All you need to do is go to websites and surf through thousands of used cars for sale without having to leave home. Believe it or not, the feeling of you being in control of the situation rather than the car salesman is exhilarating. Besides, you can have fun setting up one dealer against the other in order to grab the best deal.

When buying a car used it is essential to determine the current value, which is easily available online. It is important to check four or five websites in order to determine the retail value. Most sites may vary a bit; nevertheless, you will have an approximation to go by. The secret to buying a car used is to schedule your purchase towards the end of the month. This is when dealerships offer incentives and much more in a bid to get the cars off their parking lot. Try putting in a lower offer around this time and you may get a much more receptive response.

Don’t rush to the dealer immediately when you find a car that suits your fancy. Make a phone call and let the salesman know of your intention to buy the car within the next three days. Make sure you follow the same pattern with three or four dealers, set up the negotiations, and let each one know that you are negotiating with other dealers too. The one who is really keen on selling will probably close a favorable deal with you in a matter of hours. While discussing the price make it clear to the dealer that you will not pay any dealer or any extra fees, since this is not a norm, even though they may insist that everyone does.

Buying a car used requires that you ask for the car’s history report from CarFax or carVertical. Most reputed dealers will provide the report at their own expense. After all, you wouldn’t want to land up with a lemon in a couple of months. Take a test drive to check whether the car is indeed in the condition they claim it to be. Your mechanic will be a blessing in disguise, so take him along, if possible, for a thorough inspection and his expert opinion of the car. The bottom line is that the car has to be in perfect condition at a great price. If not, then move on, there are plenty of other used cars on sale.

Author was an executive in the automotive industry for over twenty years. When his daughter asked him for help buying a new car, he realized how few people really understand the process of negotiating. He explains that buying a car used can be a great decision. Author gladly passes along many of the very same secrets he taught his own daughter, in his free 15 part Mini-Course on car buying tips at Buying New Cars Step-by-Step.

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