/How to sell your car successfully in UAE?

How to sell your car successfully in UAE?

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There are several ways that one can adopt when it comes to sell your car. But what has been the best way you ask; well, it all depends on one’s perspective. This guide here is to help you figure out the different ways that can be used when times comes to sell used car.

To ensure that the entire process is smooth and hassle free, you need to first understand in what medium are you going to sell your car. Why not adopt the following three ways.

1.   THE DIY Way

Do It Yourself Method. In order to sell your car by yourself, you need to follow the below checklist:

  • Evaluate the market and your car’s current value
  • Collect all relevant documents
  • Make your car Irresistible
  • Compare car rates online
  • Get your negotiation tactics on point
  • Be clear with the payment methods
  • Prioritize on whether you want a fast sale or maximized value
  • Look out for car scammers
  • Stay alert when it comes to Test Drive
  • Ensure you get paid before the sale
  • Analyze the buyer
  • Double check on the documents of the sale


Transforming your car into cash has always been thought of a tedious task. But if you have all the necessary documents and the vehicle in a good condition, consider your car sold. One of the main benefits of the DIY way is that you get the most profit back in return. This way you do not resort to any third-party vendors and worry about the commission fees.

The only slight drawback is that you require patience and a knack to sell your car. Patience, perseverance, vigilance, avoiding scammers are all needed when it comes to sell used car. Bearing all these factors in mind, you can easily and successfully sell your car in UAE.

2.   The Online Game

Selling your car in the online world is nothing short of an online game. Trying to find the best advert for your car is the first hurdle. Hiring an adwords agency increases your chance of selling your car fast. Try to specify in the ad a detailed description of your vehicle, the car model, color, year of make, the mileage, the trim, options, prior damages fixed and so on. This gives you an upper hand to ensure that no future questions come to your end regarding the condition of your vehicle.

People nowadays undermine your car when they find nonexistent faults in the vehicle. By specifying each intricate detail, you steer clear from this path. With various online platforms to showcase your ads, the next step is filtering out the buyers.

There are hundreds of scammers out there to get a hold of your car. To avoid this, try carefully screening the talks with the buyer, this allows you to find out if it is a potential buyer or not. Another way that can make your ad stand out to viable customers is by being firm in your ads.

Having wordings such as “Best Offer” or “Low Priced Deal” tends to bring in low balling figures for your car. Try to be firm and not make a stand that you are desperate to sell your car.  Once you do get a buyer at hand, the next step would be to communicate the payment methods.

Never make a sale with promised payments or even give your car for a test drive without prior investigation on the buyer. In the end, your main objective would be to get the money for your car. Keeping these small tips in mind, can enable you to successfully sell used car in the online market.

3.   The Agency Helper

The last but not the least is relying on Car Buying Agencies. There are many agencies out there that does the work for you. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

Finding out the right agency, all depends on the value that you get for your car. With online evaluators of cars available to compare the car rates received, it becomes an easy task to select which agency is right for you.

Once you select the agency, you may need to book a prior appointment so that they can view your car for a further inspection. Usually this comes as a free cost. Eventually in the end, the agencies have the aim to buy your car.

After the inspection and after you are satisfied with the price obtained for your vehicle, the payment method is discussed.

Worried about the RTA paperwork? Well, that’s also covered in most agencies. The prime objective of resorting to third party agencies is such that you need not worry on the car selling process and trust in such agencies to successfully sell your car.

Since this guide has covered the basics in how to sell your used car, all you need to figure out is to which method and which way you resort to.

(CEO / Editor / Journalist) – Bruno is the owner and CEO of Motorward.com; he’s responsible for the entire team, editorial guidelines and publishing. Bruno has many years of experience in the auto industry, both managing automotive websites and contributing to the press.