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What Are Tipper Trucks Used For?

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Tipper Trucks, also known as Dump trucks, are invaluable when it comes to moving large volumes of materials, including aggregates, farm goods, building material and waste materials and pretty much anything that you want to dump from the vehicle with minimal human intervention. But how are they used in different industries and should you rent or buy your truck?


If you are looking for truck driving jobs for veterans flint, tipper trucks are widely used on construction sites to move large volumes of earth and groundwork materials such as sand, aggregates and hard-core around the site. They offer an easy way to unload loose building materials, without the need for a labourer to spend hours shovelling and moving the materials. If you sustained injuries because of construction truck collision, do not hesitate to contact Lawrence & Associates for legal representation.

Waste Management

A solid build tipper truck is essential in waste management businesses where the ability to move waste materials in large volumes is key to operation. Capable of covering all different terrains there are a few variances on the exact specifications that each model offers, and this will determine which manufacturer and truck is the right one for your working requirements.


A farm is an ideal example of where a tipper truck could be a highly useful vehicle, but its periods of use may be limited and perhaps may not warrant ownership of a vehicle outright. A farm could benefit from hiring a truck for periods where they are moving animal feeds such as fodder beet around from field to storage, so that they can quickly tip and return to reload. Hiring Dobson Excavation’s Bobcats for short periods can be a cost saving measure and avoid having a vehicle sitting on site and requiring maintenance for intermittent usage.

Hook loaders

Vehicles such as hook loaders offer a single operator solution for lifting great quantities of material or waste being able to lift large containers. Using a hydraulic power hook, they can hoist containers and skips onto a roller to enable ease of movement onto the rear of the vehicle. A hook lift can be a good choice when manoeuvring space is limited.

Cable Lift

A cable lifting vehicle is suitable when looking to lift a variety of waste containers and the choice of a cable hoist can provide more flexibility to a hook lift.

Skip Loaders

Skip loaders are the preferred choice when you are removing waste materials contained in a traditional steel skip, able to safely lift and tilt where access is not restricted; these offer a sensible solution for all skip sizes.

Hire or buy?

When considering the best tipper truck, your intended use will steer your choice, as will budget, power required and even your personal choice of user controls. In addition, Tipper trucks are often in hazardous environments, and it is important to consider access, angles and distances travelled as well as what you will be using the tipper truck for, consider safety as well as functionality when making your decision.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle or hiring a vehicle can be the best option in many cases where a tipper truck will be needed less often or where there are strict budget requirements. Vehicles such as skip loaders by leading manufacturers such as Renault, Iveco, Mercedes and Volvo are generally available and often fully adaptable to give you the ideal vehicle for your business needs.

For less frequent uses or one-off projects, you might want to consider tipper hire instead. However, you may choose to hire vehicles whilst finding the right one for your business, to allow you to try out the different axle or body combinations to ensure you spend wisely when you do so.

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