/3 Ways to Fight a Speeding Ticket

3 Ways to Fight a Speeding Ticket

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New York is one of the most fast-paced cities of the world, and so are people. Did you know the state of New York issues 3.5 million traffic tickets each year out of which more than 700,000 are speeding tickets?

When you are issued a traffic ticket, you will generally need to plead guilty or fight it in court. Usually, a lot of time and energy is wasted due to these processes, and it can get frustrating for a person. Many times, people aren’t aware of ways they can use to successfully fight their tickets as they don’t have the right knowledge or information. They can be guided accordingly with the aid of a traffic ticket attorney.

Here is a guide that can help you with the ways and tips to fighting a speeding ticket in NY.

  1. Beat Radar Guns:

Radio detection and ranging: Radar guns use radio waves to help measure the speed of the incoming vehicle. These radars help the police officers to understand which moving vehicle is breaking the speeding limit and give them evidence to pull you over. To learn how to fight this cases check with this expert traffic ticket attorney las vegas nv.

But when it comes to technology, there can be a little loophole in their workings, and these radars need to be calibrated regularly. So confirm with the officers if the Radar was calibrated before. You can also install a dashcam, as many times another car crosses the speed limit and you get stuck with the wrong ticket.

The footage will act as a piece of evidence, and you can clearly prove how it was the other car that was speeding.

  1. Beat Visual Estimations:

Did you know you can also get a speeding ticket if the officer on duty ‘estimates’ that you are above the speed limit?

That’s right, and this is also acceptable by the court. Commonly known as ‘eyeballs it’, a cop can pull you over if he thinks you have been going above the speeding limit.

If this is how you end up getting a speeding ticket, you can challenge the cop’s efficiency in the court. A dashcam can come handy here as well. If you prove via the footage that you weren’t speeding it will be your word against the copy, and the court accepts mechanical evidence over this.

You will quickly get off this if you prove you were not exceeding the speed limit.

  1. Police Pacing Methods:

There must be times when you would have noticed a police car driving right beside you. This is how the police estimate your speed but pacing method. They check their speedometer and move along your vehicle to get an estimate of your speed.

If they track your speed by estimation and checking their speedometer, they can issue you a speeding ticket. To beat this one, you can gather the evidence and hire a traffic attorney las vegas to prove in court how the police car wasn’t keeping up with your pace or matching your speed. If you establish this in the court that the estimations were wrong, you will be excused from the court.

While we don’t promote cheating or duping in any ways, the only message and help we intend to send out is to help people understand their chances and rights. Many times even when wrongly accused, people have to go ahead with the end-to-end procedure of getting a speeding ticket that costs them a lot of money and time. There is nothing wrong with challenging the court if you are sure that you were not speeding, and have been wrongly accused. We suggest you get a dash cam installed for your car to avoid any false accusations in the future.

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