/5 Tips To Maintain Garage Door Safety

5 Tips To Maintain Garage Door Safety

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A garage can be utilized for more than just parking your car. It helps you with DIY projects, storage, and also sometimes with playing. The doors, the roof, the walls, the locks, etc., need regular maintenance and fixing to make the space safe and secure for you and your family. Various garage door repair providers that offer professional garage door repair and garage floor coating services are now available in almost all areas. A Dependable Overhead Door Company’ overhead door repair could be considered if problems or issues occurred.

However, there are several cases of injuries related to garage doors that are reported every year. Especially if you have children at home, it becomes even more essential to make your garage safe for them with the assistance of a garage door repair contractor who is well-versed in a garage door service and who can provide professional garage door repair and garage door installation.

We have listed below five tips that will help you maintain your door’s safety.

Let us take a look at them.

  1. Checking The Door’s Safety Sensors

There are safety sensors located on the garage door’s rails, almost six inches above the floor. These devices take a closing door back if it senses a person or an animal walking under the door which is about to shut down. It is a great way to prevent mishaps and save your family from any injuries. It will help to check the proper functioning of the sensors from time to time. It’s best to get a Commercial Garage Door Installation to ensure top safety. If you encounter a problem with the door’s sensors and its not budging, contact residential garage door openers to help you. You may also hire a garage door repair service to take a look. 

  1. Mind The Fingers

Most cases of injuries are related to fingers getting caught in different sections of the garage door. If you have children in and around the garage scene, you must be extremely cautious while closing it. However, modern garage doors are laced with technology to alert people around them if any fingers are placed on their way.

  1. Checking The Auto-Reverse

Most garage doors are equipped with the auto-reversing feature. It is the mechanism that reverses a closing door if it makes contact with any object. To ensure that it is properly functioning, you can put any item in its path and press the close button. If everything is in place, the garage door will start opening as soon as it touches the object. However, if it does not, you can mend the door’s downward force or contact a garage door repair professional.

  1. Testing The Force

It is essential to keep a check on the force of your garage door at regular intervals. If you try to pull it downwards while the door is opening or push it upwards as it closes, the door should hold at its current position. However, if such tests do not make the garage door stop, it will help check its force settings. These tests will ensure that you and your family are safe in and around it. Some garage doors are now incorporating a powerlift hydraulic system to make them more reliable and durable.

  1. Keeping Controllers Out Of Children’s Reach

It is of utmost importance that your children cannot lay their hands on the controllers. To ensure that they are at a safer distance from reaching these devices, it will help place the controllers at least five feet above the ground so that children cannot get them.


Following the tips mentioned above will help you maintain your residential garage door safe and prevent people around you from getting injured. Simultaneously, having a well-functioning door will protect you from any unwanted visitors when you are not around.

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