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Digital Asset Management and the Car Dealership Manager

Car dealership at Digital Asset Management and the Car Dealership Manager

The work you undertake as part of being a car dealership manager is more than just buying and selling vehicles. While this may be part of your role, you may also need to find new and creative ways of advertising to the public, gaining new clients, and upselling to those already on your books, alongside aiding your team with their own tasks and queries. Within this process, you also need to make sure that you maintain compliance, and also adapt to the needs of the consumer. This can really help you to succeed above your local competitors. Let’s explore how DAM can help you with all of this and more.

Content Usage

Using photos and videos can help you to show the public what cars you currently have to offer. They can receive this information via flyers, in newspaper and magazine adverts, through email marketing, and even by looking on your website or social media channels.

To streamline the asset management process, you can consolidate all of your vehicle and dealership content into one place using DAM software. This will allow you to easily search for your files without trawling through old emails, trying to find the right one – everything you and your colleagues need is in one searchable tool. This content can then be edited and viewed within the Digital Asset Management system, making your job even simpler. This can be perfect if you need to quickly use an image, for a last minute addition to your dealership showroom, that you want to advertise online before the end of that working day.

Time Saving

Time is of the essence when you are a car dealership manager. The more time you spend sorting out your communications, the less time you have to engage with clients who walk in, have booked an appointment, or who query your wares via phone or email. In addition to this, it also takes away from the time you have to prepare sold cars for their buyer to collect. For you to gain back this time, you can use DAM.

DAM systems offer clever search capabilities, which means you can type in words relating to the image, and be able to find it instantaneously. In the past, you may have had to try to find the previous images and files or, worst case scenario, gain hold of fresh images due to losing your first set. Now, this time comes back to you, as each image can be stored and searched for in a straightforward, efficient manner.

Ease of Access

Being able to access, edit, and use your digital assets is key when you want your dealership to remain successful, or even to grow further. Within a car dealership, you may often find that you undertake a number of roles alongside your managerial status, as do many of your colleagues. If you are busy, yet your marketing image and content is unfinished, one of your co-workers may wish to take this over for you. Rather than facing the problems with email attachments back and forth, they can simply access the files via the DAM software and edit accordingly, so long as you have given them the correct level of permissions.

The marketing and design aspects of your car dealership management can be improved by using DAM. Both you and your other team members may greatly appreciate a simpler way of creating and storing these digital assets in a secure and easy to navigate software.

(CEO / Editor / Journalist) – Bruno is the owner and CEO of Motorward.com; he’s responsible for the entire team, editorial guidelines and publishing. Bruno has many years of experience in the auto industry, both managing automotive websites and contributing to the press.