/Buying Parts for Your Garage-Built Race Car: Here’s What You Should Know

Buying Parts for Your Garage-Built Race Car: Here’s What You Should Know

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Car racing is an expensive hobby. So expensive that sometimes building on a stock car can cost you more than its MSRP. But as much as it’s hard to not spend every penny you have on your passion, we all have to be careful not to get carried away spending an insane amount of money simply to satiate our need for speed.

There are ways to save on time and money though, like buying aftermarket performance parts for your vehicle for instance. If you have found your perfect project car but don’t know where to start or what to look for when buying bildeler på nett, here’s everything you need to know.

Buying a Turbo

To begin with, there are three types of turbochargers available on the market.

#Axial Flow Turbo

This type is suitable for vehicles with a wheel diameter of 300mm or more. Ideal for drag cars with fat tires that require instantaneous power and torque to set quarter-mile records. If you are preparing for a drag race, Axial Flow Turbo can be your best bet.

#Radial Flow Turbo

Radial flow turbocharger strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency. As compared to axial turbos, radial flow turbos put less thermal and mechanical strain on the motor, which means your engine can perform safely without requiring cooling system upgrades. This turbo is ideal for track race cars with stock tire width under 200mm.

#Exhaust Gas Turbo

If you care about the environment, exhaust gas turbo will check all the boxes for you. You get enhanced performance without increasing your carbon footprint. Exhaust gas turbo is designed to push exhaust gases back into the turbo to run the turbine to increase air intake and, thus, increase power.

Buying Wheels and Tires

If you are increasing more than 20% of your car’s stock performance, you are going to need wider tires to ensure traction and stability while speeding through the corners. For a car with steel rims as stock, the performance gains can be significant with alloy wheel upgrades. There are two reasons: 1. alloys are lightweight; 2. they can support a wider tire size.

The rule of thumb is to always invest in branded tires because branded tires will not only serve you better but will also cost less than cheap alternatives in the long run. Also, you can choose between wet and dry tires based on your race conditions.

If you can’t afford brand new wheels and tires, you can consider buying ‘less-used’ tires at a fraction of the cost.

Buying a Spoiler

A spoiler is more than just an aesthetic component. If installed right, it can improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics and keep it planted on the track at high speeds, especially around twists and bends. And when it comes to buying a spoiler, always choose aftermarket over OEM because the former can improve your car’s aerodynamics significantly for an affordable price.

Buying Miscellaneous Parts

Apart from the above-mentioned performance parts, you will need many other auto parts along the way. These include suspension and bushings, mufflers and resonators, belts and pulleys, hoses, gaskets and valves, etc. You can purchase these parts for a low price if you know where to find them. And the best place is online auto stores that sell universal circle track car parts. These parts are also available at a used automotive parts yard, which offers seasonal discounts and free shipping or installation to help you save time and money.

And remember, car racing is exciting to watch and indulge in, but it’s extremely dangerous without quality safety gear. Whenever you go out to race, always wear a racing-grade helmet and fire-retardant body armour so that you can race again.

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