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Invoicing for Car Dealers

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Working in the automobile industry can be great for those who have a real passion for cars. Being able to sell vehicles to various clients, as well as buy from others to then sell on, can allow you to get behind the wheel of numerous amazing motors.

For your business to truly meet with success, you need to be able to earn money. To accomplish this, you want to make your invoicing process as streamlined as possible, whether it be for clients, work undertaken, or any other types of sales that you make at your business.


If you have a number of invoices to send out on any given day, this could become a fairly lengthy process, especially if your current system means that you need to keep altering and re-creating invoices for every single job. Instead, you may want to consider a really simple to use invoice template, which will allow you to edit the basic information to meet the specifications of that job, and then get it sent directly to the client.

You can customise your template as you see fit, to include your company information, such as name, address, and logo, as well as information relating to the work you have undertaken, including specific cars that you may have sold.

Client Information

Keeping your client information as up to date as possible can really cut down on the time it takes to send out your invoices. When you have a secure and efficient database you will find it easier to gain your payments. Something as simple as using an old email address means that your payments might be delayed, especially if the issue is not picked up and rectified until either there is a lack of response, or the email bounces, which is where it gets rejected by the server. Updating client information regularly, especially if they are previous repeat buyers, can help you to avoid these delays, as well as to ensure that clients get other important information from you, such as business updates or sale information.

Keeping Records

Having a dedicated set of records regarding your invoices can make the tax season that much easier. Having a set of invoices kept on your computer, or even in a locked filing cabinet, can help you to accurately figure out how sales have been over a set period of time, as well as to ensure you are paying the correct amount of tax. These records can also help prove that you no longer have certain vehicles at your establishment, which can be incredibly useful, especially if there are discrepancies regarding ownership in relation to fines, penalties, or even vehicular thefts.

Sorting out the means by which you send invoices can cut down on the overall amount of work you have to do, as well as the time it takes to achieve your goals. Keeping clear and concise records can also be used as a paper trail for documenting the level of success that your business is seeing.

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