/What are the Most Popular Motorsports in the UK?

What are the Most Popular Motorsports in the UK?

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As a nation with obsessions over sports and cars, it is no surprise that motorsports are so popular here. Motorsports are hugely popular in terms of both spectating and participating in the UK and there are actually a handful of different types of motorsports which people enjoy – read on to discover a few of the most popular types.

Circuit Racing

Circuit racing is hugely popular in the UK largely due to F1 being such a beloved sport here. Circuit racing provides the chance for motorists to experience the high speeds and thrills of driving high-performance vehicles and there are lots of racing clubs that can provide you with these experiences.

Banger Racing

There is also a love for banger racing and it is easy to see why as it can certainly be entertaining. As the name suggests, it involves getting an old car in good enough condition to race and then racing around a circuit but with the ability to smash into other cars. While it certainly can be good fun, banger racing can be dangerous and serious injuries can occur. If this happens, you need to communicate clearly with the medical professionals in order to prevent hospital negligence from occurring.


For those that prefer two wheels, Motocross is a great option and can provide a real thrill whether you are watching on TV or racing yourself. Motocross involves completing off-road circuits with jumps and twists on motocross scrambler bikes. Obviously, this is another activity which can be dangerous so you must always take care and wear the appropriate safety gear.


If you are looking for an entry-level into racing then karting is your best bet and something that Lewis Hamilton describes as “the best form of racing” – he certainly knows a thing or two! Go-karts can be great fun, a good way to develop your racing skills and something that is accessible to all.

Club Motorsport

There are around 750 local motor clubs dotted around the UK and these clubs organise grassroots events that vary and can often be completed in a standard road car. In addition to a chance to try a range of different motorsports, these are also good social hubs and a way to meet likeminded people.

These are just a few of the most popular forms of motorsports in the UK, all of which can be fantastic fun and a great way to enjoy the thrill of vehicle racing.

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