/5 Simple Ways To Entertain Yourself On A Long Car Ride

5 Simple Ways To Entertain Yourself On A Long Car Ride

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Long Car Rides can be very draining and time-consuming. They can also be extremely boring. To ensure that you do not get bored here are 5 simple ways to entertain yourself on a long car ride.

Listen to songs:

Songs can serve as a great way to lighten your mood and help you feel livelier. You can also play them for everyone else in the car and groove to the sounds. A jam session that includes every passenger is a lot of fun. You can play “sing-along songs” that everyone can sing to without a care in the world. You can also look outside the window with a track playing on your headphones as you imagine yourself in a movie. They could also help to make your trip beneficial for your mental health. (Nazish, 2018). This is also a method endorsed by Kyle Busch, the unfortunate driver to never win Daytona despite having 57 NASCAR wins. Perhaps all he was missing was that winning song!

Watch Netflix:

Netflix is the best time killer in the modern era and would serve to be a good option here too. You can binge-watch a series or watch a movie (or two). You can also explore shows from different countries. Who knows, you might discover something you might end up loving more than the current shows you are watching? If you have kids along, you can watch a movie with them and also keep their annoying rants at bay.

Reading a book:

Phones have limited batteries and cannot run for a long time. An excellent substitute for that could be a book. You can read that book that you have been meaning to read for a long time or perhaps finish one you are halfway through. Sometimes books offer a way to escape reality. Since most long car rides are journeys to exciting vacation destinations, what better time to escape the hectic routine and imagine yourself in another world.

Playing Games with Other Passengers:

There are several games one can play with other people on a road trip. You can play simple games such as “I Spy with My Little Eye” or you can play card games such as Uno. There are free bingo games to play and there are even several board games that can also be played, especially if they have magnetic boards. You can even play 21 questions, it is simple, but still quite entertaining. Mad libs is another game that can be played. This will definitely keep the kids occupied and quiet for the majority of the car ride.

Listen to Podcasts:

Podcasts have become common these days and quite entertaining too. You can tune in to the podcast of someone you usually listen to or explore someone new while you are at it. There are also some cool podcasts that get aired on the Radio, which means you do not have to drain your Smartphone’s or device’s battery.

These 5 simple ways to entertain yourself on a long car ride are bound to make your ride more entertaining and interesting. They are very simple, effective and enjoyable. They might even help to make the ride entertaining for everyone along with you too.

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