/Confidence Behind the Wheel: 8 Ways to Improve Your Vehicle’s Handling

Confidence Behind the Wheel: 8 Ways to Improve Your Vehicle’s Handling

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While a vehicle’s handling is dependent on its capabilities, it is also something impacted by who is behind the wheel. However, if a vehicle is designed with a “wobbliness,” there is only so much even the best driver will be able to do. While this is true, there are a few things a person can do to help improve their vehicle’s handling.

From installing higher quality tires like options from Hamm’s Tires to looking at the strut bars, keep reading to learn more about effective ways to improve a vehicle’s handling.

  1. The Strut Bars

This is considered one of the easiest aftermarket accessories to use and install today. While strut bars may seem like simple metal rods that are just bolted on to hold various parts of the vehicle together, they are more than this. They can be used to tighten and hold different parts of the chassis together, minimizing the “wobbliness” mentioned above. When installed properly, strut bars can help the vehicle feel tighter and stiffer.

  1. Polyurethane Bushings

This is an upgrade that is effective but is also something that most motorists overlook. The bushings on most vehicles are made of rubber, and they may harden or crack and break off over time. A better option is polyurethane bushings, which are stiffer and more durable. These offer an affordable way to improve vehicle handling.

  1. Weight Reduction

When it comes to improving a vehicle’s handling, making it lighter is a smart strategy. While some people focus more on power and performance, making a vehicle lighter is going to help improve its handling. Less weight also means less wear and tear on the brake pads and tires.

  1. Better Tires and Bigger Rims

Even with wheels, size is not everything. It is recommended by experts that a driver only move up by about an inch. If a vehicle has s standard 14-inch rim, then changing it to a 15-inch will be the top size to choose. Anything more than that is going to increase fuel consumption significantly. If your wheels need some maintenance or a tune up, check out this wheel balancer you can receive at home.

  1. Coilovers

Investing in a set of coilovers or absorbers is one of the best ways to improve a car’s handling. While this may be the most expensive method, based on what is purchased, the upgrade helps to keep a vehicle stable when traveling at higher speeds.

  1. Spoiler

Even though most people add a spoiler to make a car look better, it can also add downforce, which improves traction and as a result, handling. This isn’t ideal for all vehicles but can be beneficial for some.

  1. Wheel Alignment and Tire Pressure

Another affordable way to improve a vehicle’s handling is by checking the tire pressure and wheel alignment. Most people think that this is something that is done in a shop; however, checking tire pressure is something any driver can and should do regularly.

  1. Spot Welding

This is considered a smart way to improve a vehicle’s maintenance. There are some parts of the metal components on the body or the vehicle’s chassis that can be welded together to help improve its rigidity.

If someone is trying to improve their vehicle’s handling, they should consider some of the tips and information here. Doing so will pay off and help ensure the vehicle handles well while on the road.

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