/Tune in While Touring: 7 Best Podcasts for Motorcyclists

Tune in While Touring: 7 Best Podcasts for Motorcyclists

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Sometimes, just listening to the radio while out on long tours gets old. If you are going through the same playlists on repeat, there comes a point when the music doesn’t help you stay awake, focused and positive. That’s why we’ve assembled a curated list of the best seven podcasts for motorcycle enthusiasts.

These podcasts can help you stay in the zone, keep you entertained and informed and help you enjoy an exceptional ride.

  1. Hold Fast Motors

This podcast’s mission is to help motivate passionate motorcyclists with varied episodes that touch on all aspects of motorcycle life. You can listen to interviews with motorcycle builders, enthusiastic bloggers and riders of all kinds of gear, from vintage race bikes to cafe racers, from bobbers to choppers. To make the most of your ride, listen through motorcycle Bluetooth headphones made by riders and for riders.

  1. Motowitch Collective

The Motowitch Collective is a female-run podcast that focuses on the unique set of challenges and opportunities for adventure available to female bikers. They give female bikers a platform to listen to and share stories about epic road trips, philanthropic deeds, rallies, unimaginable obstacles and world records.

The Motowitch Collective is all about raising awareness for important causes and telling good stories. You might hear about solo adventure riders, South Korea’s female bikers or important charities along the way.

You can keep up with the Motowitch Collective’s podcasts on TuneIn, Castbox, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and the Motowitch Collective’s website. These podcasts are released sporadically, so follow their social media pages to keep up with the podcasts and all the biking news and events they share.

  1. Motorcycles & Misfits

Hailing from sunny California, the Re-Cycle Garage’s team mission is to help riders fix up old bikes and get them back out where they belong: on the road. There are over 300 shows available, each about two hours long, which means you’re not short of entertainment or information.

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This is especially convenient for touring. If you run into a problem with motorcycle repair, chances are you’ll be able to find a podcast devoted to that topic. Hopefully, however, you’re listening and educating yourself on the inner workings of your motorcycle while riding in style.

If you become a regular listener of this popular podcast, you will get to know the show hosts and can explore their multiple social media platforms. You can even purchase a t-shirt to help support the podcast and keep them wrenching and recording. The Motorcycles & Misfits team has a YouTube channel and up-to-date website and, as far as listening options go, their podcast airs weekly across SoundCloud, Google Play and iTunes.

  1. Adventure Rider Radio

A husband and wife team runs this podcast that is geared toward all things adventure riding. As the most listened-to motorcycle podcast in the world, they’ve worked hard to make their production, storytelling and research top-notch. Jim hosts the show and handles the audio production. Elizabeth is the show’s researcher and producer when she’s not out on the road riding pillion with Jim.

Part of the show’s appeal is that listeners can submit stories on the Adventure Rider Radio website for a chance to have their tales of misdeeds featured on air. Adventure Rider Radio isn’t just a show. It’s a community centered around weekly episodes and spirited discussion.

That’s why each episode is devoted to discussing different features of adventure riding. In one episode, they might discuss getting to know the locals while on an international biking trip in Iran. On another, they might discuss navigating obstacles that bikers encounter on the trail. Tune in to see if they cover an adventure that is on your bucket list.

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This is a down-to-earth podcast that’s devoted to helping you become a better bike mechanic. Veteran bikers walk you through different elements of motorbike maintenance, from paint prep to suspension, valve adjustments to carburetor tuning. Think of it as a friendly, earthy manual for maintenance that you can listen to in the garage, riding to work or touring across the country.

  1. The DawgHouse

On the other end of the spectrum, the DawgHouse is a mouthy and, in their own words, an “intellectually challenged and scornful study of the twisted life of the motorcycling world.”

This weekly podcast covers topics from across the motorcycling world: gatherings, races, events and the people who ride. Follow them on Facebook or subscribe via their website, Player.fm, or Apple Podcasts. With over 500 podcasts aired, there’s plenty to choose from, and you won’t have to tour without the company of snarky, irreverent motorcycle enthusiasts.

  1. The Motorcycle Life

The Motorcycle Life podcast is recorded and hosted by Bruce Philip in Canada. This podcast is dedicated to exploring the lives of riders and giving voice to all the different reasons that people ride.

According to Bruce, this podcast is about how motorcycling becomes a way of life. He explores the philosophy behind motorcycling (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, anybody?), the family of bikers and the solidarity that undergirds so much of the biking community.

Each episode lasts between one and two hours and gives you a chance to get to know a new character in the world of motorcycles. Every person has a different “why”: why motorcycles, why they chose the bike they did, why they’re part of this community.

If you’re touring and looking for entertainment, this is a wonderful way to help you feel connected to the community of bikers all around the world.

Final Words

Each of these seven podcasts is as unique as the people who ride because they focus on a different aspect of motorcycle life. Add these to your riding playlist and enjoy the company of individuals who are just as passionate about the biking world as you are.

Let the miles roll by as you learn about bike maintenance, races and the people who’ve made this worldwide biking family possible.

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