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Tyre Care Guidelines for a smart drive

tyres at Tyre Care Guidelines for a smart drive

Looking after your car tyres might seem a very boring and subservient task.  However you need to know that tyres play a major role in helping your car perform well overall. Tyres are the only components that are in direct contact with the road terrain , hence need to be kept well and inspected quite often. 

Try to upgrade tread depth 

Keeping the tread depth according to adequate level will protect your tyres from harm of road debris or cuts from unexpected stones. Having a tread depth minimum of 1.6mm is advised. If your tyres have higher tread depth then your tyres will remain safe from harm in the longer run . However if you have a lower tread then there are high chances of tyres deteriorating. Therefore, getting your tyres updated for recommended tread is very important. 

Look for Mobile Tyre Fitting 

At times while you are on drive , you might not notice but your tyres may lose pressure in them or might get deteriorated that can halt your journey. This means in such a situation you might be stranded on a road without any help. How about if help comes to you instead of you going to a garage to fix the tyre? Won’t it be great and convenient. Of course it will be. You can always get mobile tyre fitting service from some garages present in the UK. During a mobile tyre fitting service an expert from a garage comes to fix deteriorated or punctured tyre wherever you have gotten stranded. You consult with Fife Autocentre for mobile tyre fitting and they will come to you.

Careful Monitoring 

If you want your tyres to last longer and remain strong on rough terrain, you need to regularly keep projecting them for any cuts, bulges or scratches. There is a likely chance of your tyres wearing out while they roll over bumps and debris on the road. If you find any cut or irregularity on your tyre beforehand, it can save you from a lot of miscalculated tyre damage or even road mishap. 

If you follow these guidelines once a month you will be able to avoid unnecessary tyre repair costs and will be able to experience a smooth drive with your family.


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