/What are the Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents?

What are the Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents?

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Car accidents can occur at any moment and you can be involved in an accident without doing anything wrong. Car accidents can also cause a wide range of injuries and even a slow speed collision can lead to injury. It is imperative to seek medical attention to get the proper treatment and the necessary auto injury therapy for a timely recovery. So, what are a few of the most common car injuries that people sustain?

Back Injuries

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries that people sustain and can occur at both slow and high speeds. The pain may not present itself initially and can disappear after a short, but in more serious cases it can lead to long-term pain and even disability. In case you suffer car accident injuries you’ll need to contact legal advice as soon as you can for your case, if you do not have a lawyer yet, hire the car wreck personal injury attorney, there are of the best in this legal field.


Whiplash is also common and can occur even at minor speeds. Whiplash affects the neck and occurs from a forceful and rapid back and forth movement from a collision (similar to the cracking of a whip). The injury ranges from mild to severe and again symptoms can take some time to present themselves. Call a medical lawyer in Ft Lauderdale as soon as you can to gather legal advice for your case.

In most cases, whiplash can be treated with painkillers but there are other whiplash treatment options if pain persists.

Scrapes and Cuts

Scrapes and cuts can occur from loose objects inside the car that can suddenly be thrown around in a collision. Often, these are minor and will heal by themselves but you do see more serious injuries that will require medical treatment.

Bruising and Contusions

Car seatbelts are lifesavers and you must always wear one when inside a car, but they can also do some damage in a car accident. Many people walk away from a car accident with bruising and contusions as a result of impact with the seatbelt or perhaps colliding with the steering wheel.


It is easy to hit your head in a car collision and this could cause concussion. This is a serious cause for concern and you should get yourself checked out as soon as possible as prompt treatment is vital in concussion cases. Those that are involved in an accident that was not their fault and suffer an injury like concussion usually contact a no win no fee solicitor to seek compensation for the damages.

Internal Injuries

Another serious injury that is not always obvious from a car accident is internal bleeding, which is why you should always get checked over even if you feel fine. Internal injuries can occur from the body is forced into an object or from flying debris and requires emergency medical treatment.

These are the most common injuries that are sustained and can occur even in a low-speed collision. If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, make sure that you seek medical treatment immediately and consult a personal injury lawyer to work out the details of your claim. Furthermore, some of these injuries may render you disabled for a while. If that’s your case, you may get a Free Disability Benefits Case Evaluation to determine if you qualify for additional disability benefits.

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