/What’s the Difference Between an MOT and Car Servicing?

What’s the Difference Between an MOT and Car Servicing?

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For new motorists, or perhaps those without much of an interest in driving, you might have wondered what’s the difference between maintenance procedures that your vehicle needs to go through in order to stay on the road. In particular, many new motorists get confused when it comes to servicing and an MOT, so read on for all that you need to know.

What is an MOT?

The purpose of an MOT is to check the safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions of all vehicles on UK roads. MOT actually stands for Ministry of Transport, which is now a defunct Government department, but it remains an incredibly important maintenance process and one that you need to do to legally keep your car on the road. Not having a valid certificate could result in a fine, points on your license and even a driving ban. You need to get a valid MOT certificate every year, but it is easy enough to book an MOT check online.

Things to know

The MOT test itself involves a number of different checks and tests on various parts of your car to make sure that they meet the minimum standard as established by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Authority. Repairs and replacement parts might be needed in order for the vehicle to pass, so you may want to give your car a thorough inspection and get any work carried out that is needed before the MOT so you don’t have to pay twice for the test.

What is Servicing?

Servicing, meanwhile, is more of a car specific inspection with various maintenance tasks carried out. The service schedule is set out by the manufacturer and should be followed by the servicing mechanic in order to keep the car in optimal working condition. Maintenance tasks like changing oil and air filters, alongside parts like spark plugs are common in a service.

What to Know

While servicing is not a legal requirement, it is still something that you should do in accordance with the service schedule otherwise you could encounter costly repairs down the line. Avoiding regular servicing could also make the vehicle harder to sell because potential buyers often look for a complete servicing history when deciding between cars. You will want to find a garage that you trust and one that has a good reputation to carry out your servicing.

You do not need to do anything before taking the car to be serviced, but it is a good idea to practice basic maintenance yourself throughout the year. This will keep the car in good working order and hopefully prevent any major issues from being discovered during the servicing (or MOT).

Hopefully, this will clear the matter up for you and help you to feel well prepared to keep your car in the best possible condition. It is important to be proactive when it comes to maintenance, this will keep your car roadworthy and hopefully prevent any major issues from arising.

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