/5 Awesome Gadgets for your Car

5 Awesome Gadgets for your Car

next base dash cam at 5 Awesome Gadgets for your Car

Covid 19 came with its fair share of troubles and drama, from restrictions on movements to closure of public centers such as schools and marketplaces and finally climaxing in a total lockdown for months.

Now, that the lockdown has been lifted, and we are back to driving, let us take a look at the best cool and awesome car gadgets that are a must-have for your car.


Purchasing the Andobil wireless charger mount gives you the assurance that you are purchasing a high-quality product. Their wireless charger mount is a prominent brand, and it assists you in charging your phone quickly and safely. The tap-and-release feature of this charger mount makes it extremely simple to use. It makes it simple for you to slip your phone into the device and remove it without difficulty. There are no cable inconveniences, such as plugging and unplugging, to deal with. Despite its thickness, the case is lightweight and easy to operate. You can charge your phone without taking the case out of its pocket. The andobil wireless charger also has an adjustable bottom tray, which allows it to accommodate phones of varying sizes and shapes. Ultimately, this is a fantastic wireless vehicle phone charger mount that is backed by an 18-month manufacturer’s guarantee. It is also compatible with both IOS and Android mobile devices.


Have you ever been stuck at the middle of nowhere because of a flat tire? You may have probably gone the frustration of having to change a flat tire at one point or the other.

With the viair 85p portable air compressor, you no longer have to worry about flat tire issues.

The Viair tire inflator comes with a built-in air hose and power connection, as well as three adapters for different tire sizes.

In addition, the general weight and feel of the inflator are commendably good. It isn’t overly large, which is great, but the overall size to weight ratio feels appropriate. Inflators such as the Viair are constructed around a central air chamber with covers on either end. On one side, there’s a grip handle that runs down the middle, connecting the gearless direct-drive motor to the analog pressure gauge on the other side, which is easy to read.

The gauge is integrated into the end of the 35-inch air hose, which is a little longer than the average length. The power cord is linked to a red cap at the other end, which also serves as a power button and a tiny LED work light for convenience. There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the inflator, and they appear to be effective in keeping the vibration (and noise) to an acceptable level. There are no frills, only utility.

The gadget does not come with any external storage alternatives for the air hose or power cable, but it does have adjustable zip-tie-style cord management that may be adjusted as needed. In addition, you are guaranteed a superfast PSI.


We know how stressful travelling with a lot of cargo or trying to move property from one location to another can be. This is where the thule motion xt comes in to aid you in moving cargo.

The Thule Motion XT XL gives you 18 cubic feet (510 litres) of storage capacity, which is significantly more than the trunk space of most mid-size cars. Based on its design, it can accommodate lengthy objects that would otherwise be difficult to transport in a car trunk, such as skis or snowboards.

In contrast to conventional cargo boxes, which only open from the passenger side, the Thule Motion XT opens from both sides.  It also has a less environmental effect than most other rooftop cargo boxes or bags because of the aerodynamic design of the Thule Motion XT XL. When driving at 65 mph, it doesn’t make much noise – you can hear it, but it’s not distracting, and if you have the radio on, you won’t even notice it.

The Thule Motion XT XL is constructed with durable and high-quality materials, and it is water-resistant to a certain extent, although it is not entirely waterproof. During a rainstorm, it is probable that some moisture may seep into it, and occasionally tiny volumes of water may do so as well.


OBD means on-board diagnostics. It is the capacity to self-diagnose and report on a vehicle.

You can access your car’s OBD with the fixd obd2 scanner automobile health monitor. And you will know what’s up with your automobile in seconds. It also describes these issues clearly. No need to speak automobile to understand it.   Its database has 6,800 potential causes and can identify and translate issues.

With the fixd obd2 scanner, you can keep the automobile health monitor plugged inyour vehicle continuously. Whenever it identifies an issue with your car, it will send you a notice on your smartphone. It utilizes a low-energy mode although it charges with your battery power. Although, if you plan to leave your automobile for more than two weeks, it is advisable you  remove the FIXD sensor from the OBD-II port.

Utilizing their own technology, this automobile monitor can calculate your mileage using the FIXD sensor. The monitor can warn you when your vehicle’s next service is due. Using the FIXD scanner and accompanying automobile diagnostic software, you can keep track of all faults discovered in your vehicle over time.


A dash cam is important for monitoring activities that happen on the road while driving as well as presenting pictorial and video evidence during an accident.

The footage captured by the Nextbase 622GW is of exceptional quality thanks to the inclusion of a built-in polarising filter, image stabilization, 4K video resolution, and an excellent Night Vision mode. As a result, it is extremely easy to distinguish number plates and vehicle details in all lighting conditions. The inclusion of Alexa voice control, as well as What3Words emergency geolocation, are both great additions to this already excellent product.

The 622GW, like the majority of cameras on the market, is equipped with a built-in G-Sensor, which will immediately store footage to the smartphone if it senses a bump or collision. There’s an option to alter the sensitivity of this through the touchscreen display, but the camera also has a useful Parking Mode that will automatically capture footage if the G Sensor is engaged, even if the camera is not using any power.

The Nextbase 622GW is a smart small device that is capable of producing stunning videos. Although the Nextbase app isn’t the most user-friendly, but the Alexa and what3words integrations are highly effective, and they have the potential to improve road safety.

You can attach the 622GW to Amazon Alexa voice control using the MyNextbase Connect app, which is accessible for both iOS and Android smartphones, as well as through the MyNextbase Connect website. Once the two pieces of software are linked, you can simply say, “Alexa, ask my dashcam to snap a photo,” and the camera will respond with the appropriate picture.

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